The Best Local News Segment On Bears You Will Ever See, Ever

A Fox News' Cleveland affiliate has broadcast what has to be the most amazing "BEARS ARE ON THE LOOSE" report, ever. Seriously! These guys went all out to demonstrate the dangers that a local community is facing from bears. Or a bear. Or something. But whatever, because what's important about this clip is this: PROP COMEDY!

Yes, you will enjoy the moment where the reporter, on location in some woods, reveals a cardboard cut-out of a ferocious bear, and says, "This is what the bear probably looked like. Except real." And, uhm...THREE-DIMENSIONAL. But, trust me, you will fall in love all over again, when that cardboard cutout makes its second appearance. And things just get more amazing from there. Wait for the moment where the rabbit from Donnie Darko shows up to give his testimony.

Seriously, I sort of want to invite this entire news team over to my apartment and bake them cookies. I don't even care if this is real or not. That's how awesome they are.


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