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The Best Matzo: Our Taste Test Results

Is there really that much of a difference? Find out.
03/23/2012 12:34pm ET | Updated March 22, 2013

Passover is upon us, signaling the opening of thousands of boxes of matzo (or matzah, matzoh, etc.). And crumbs. Lots of crumbs.

Whether you love it (yum) or hate it (there's even a small Facebook group dedicated to slamming matzo), the dry, cracker-like foodstuff is pretty unavoidable if you're following a kosher diet for Passover. If you can't beat 'em, join 'em -- so we decided to test what's out on the market to find the best matzo.

For a quick bit of history, matzo was created when Moses' Israelites fled their homes in Egypt so quickly that they didn't have time to bake bread. During their escape from the pursuing pharaoh, they relied on eating an unleavened mixture of flour and water -- a far cry from bread. (For more history, check out Time's brief history of matzo.)

Today, there are several types of matzo -- plain, egg, flavored, organic, gluten-free, chocolate-covered, you name it. We decided to taste 9 brands of non-egg, Kosher-for-Passover matzo (plain, whole wheat, and spelt). We didn't exactly find anything to write home about, but one scored decidedly higher than the rest in our blind taste test (and the last-place matzo scored dramatically lower than the rest, so you may want to steer clear).

And if you're looking for a gluten-free matzo this Passover, we loved Yehuda's version -- it's buttery, flaky and flavorful (and though it's kosher for Passover, it contains eggs so it wasn't allowed to take part in our taste test ... but we just had to mention it).

Check out the slideshow below for the results of our taste test.

Matzo Taste Test