The Best Money-Saving iPhone Apps (PHOTOS)

Need a quote on a car repair, a map of local yard sales, access to your checking account, or an impromptu price search? There's an app for that, and it can save you cash.

Apple recently announced that its Mobile App Store now offers 225,000 apps. Among them are some cutting-edge mobile tools that empower on-the-go consumers with information that can help them save money on things like gas, groceries and loans.

And don't expect the wave of mobile apps to ebb any time soon. Universities across the country now offer classes that teach undergraduate students how to create mobile apps. They're the hottest courses on campus, says Fortune. "Now a single-purpose app, like a silly program that fogs up the screen like a bathroom mirror, can net the author a fortune. Such gold rush possibilities make iPhone development a very enticing academic offering."

Most of the apps in this list are free or available for a small charge. So if you own an iPhone, try them out: