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The Best (Most Unexpected) Things to Put in Your Dishwasher

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Make your washer pull the third shift by filling it with things that are a pain to hand-wash but come out nice and squeaky clean after a sanitizing rinse. All of these items are manufacturer-approved for a quick spin in the top rack.

Contact Lens Cases
Because there's nothing more depressing than opening one up and seeing two-day-old mascara goo.


Kitchen Sponges
Use your dishwasher to help extend their sink life.


Makeup Brushes
Say goodbye to every single remnant of the bronzer that turned you orange.


Think about all the places your keys have been, get disgusted, then do something about it.


Vacuum Attachments
Admit it: They're crusted with bits of cat dander and smushed-up Cheerios.


Yours...your husband's...that one a houseguest left in May...into the dishwasher they go!


Because they came back from the cape covered in sand, dirt and possibly marinara sauce.


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