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The Best Movie Makeovers Of All Time (VIDEO)

From mousy to model-worthy: check out these best cinematic Pygmalion moments.

As you may have noticed, we've gotten something of a makeover here on HuffPost Style. A hint of blush here, a dab of mascara there: it's a whole new us!

Our (digital) freshening up got us thinking: what are some other famous makeovers that we've grown to know and love over the years? Most of them have been on the silver screen, like Andy Sachs' Chanel-fueled metamorphosis in "The Devil Wears Prada," and "Clueless," that Beverly Hills bildungsroman where Tai becomes fly.

We'll never forget when Anne Hathaway blossomed from frumpy duckling to gorgeous "Princess Diaries" stunner or Sandy's bad girl transformation in "Grease"; and even Nicolas Cage grunting at Cher in "Moonstruck": "You look beautiful. Your hair." (There's even some men in there, too -- Ryan Gosling giving Steve Carell the magic style touch, anyone?)

It was about time we made an ultimate compilation of the greatest cinematic transformations. So, grab some popcorn and watch our supercut above of the best movie makeovers ever! (Our personal favorite part: all of the male reaction shots to the newly-made over ladies.)

Thanks to HuffPost's Sam Wilkes for all of the cutting and dicing!

For some more Hollywood transformations, check out these celebs' Pygmalion moments:

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