The Best Non-Book Gifts For Bookworms

The Best Non-Book Gifts For Bookworms

It's hard to believe this has happened, but it's already December, and the holiday shopping season is slipping by. What will you get your book-loving beloveds? Sure, they always seem to appreciate a book, but giving a book to a reader carries certain risks. What if you pick the one author they simply loathe? What if you write a heartfelt Christmas message on the front leaf of the crisp new volume, only to watch helplessly as they unwrap the same book from someone else before yours? What if they just already own it?

In short, what do you get the bookworm who has everything? We're never against taking a risk on a book as a gift, but these book-themed doodads and trinkets should offer a different kind of thrill to the voracious reader on your shopping list.

For Artsy Readers
Many readers don't just love books -- they love beauty. Anything that combines words and beauty is a big old win for us.

Art prints
A bookish piece of art is the perfect gift for the aesthetically minded reader. Like this one, a gift and a benediction. (via Etsy)

We will never stop recommending these gorgeous quote illustrations from ObviousState. (via Etsy)

If you can't decide on just one, why not a calendar -- a stunning new quote for every month. (via Etsy)

That's our mantra, and probably your loved one's mantra too! (via Etsy)

For your favorite Kerouac fan. (via Etsy)

The building blocks of our favorite things. (via Etsy)

A lovely notebook allows your artsy-fartsy reading friend to express their innermost thoughts through poetry or heartfelt journaling. How about this one, inspired by Jane Austen's Emma? (via Kate Spade)

Or, for a journal of your recipient's reading activity, a personalized book diary! (via Etsy)

For Domestic Readers
Reading can be done anywhere, but it's generally a sedentary activity. If you know a reader who loves to curl up on the couch or in a snug nook at home, consider making that experience even more cozy.

Throw blanket
As Gwyneth Paltrow would tell us, "It's really hard to go wrong with a cashmere throw blanket." We say, "It's pretty hard to go wrong with a regular non-cashmere throw blanket." A cuddly blanket is perfect for Sunday afternoons curled up with a stack of books, and we love this handsomely pleated take on the throw. (via West Elm)

Or, for the more literally literary-minded. (via Houzz)

Throw pillow
Your dear reader must rest his or her head somewhere while dreaming over a good classic. Why not a beautiful and alphabetical set of throw cushions? Select several to spell out a favorite word (READ, BOOK, WRITE -- just some ideas), or go for your recipient's initial. (via Urban Outfitters)

Or, for a Lord of the Rings fan, a full quote. (via Urban Outfitters)

Reading lamp
As your grandmother would say, "Why are you reading in that dim light? It's bad for your eyes!" Show your favorite reader how much you care about eye health and proper illumination with a reading lamp, like one of these adjustable, vintage-inspired models:

Reading and drinking a piping hot mug of coffee or tea -- what could be cozier?

For the polite but firm bookworm. (via Zazzle)

For Austenites. (via ShopPBS)

For literary rebels. (via ShopPBS)

For the classic type. (via Penguin)

For Stylish Readers
Combining books and clothing can result in some rather nerdy fashion statements, but choose carefully and your book-loving fashionista friends will be proud to wear your gifts.

Literary jewelry is tough to pull off, but this Bell Jar-inspired necklace is lovely, not cheesy. (via Out of Print)

Gorgeous. (via Etsy)

A literary T should be clever, comfy, and stylish enough to wear on a casual day around town, like these contenders.

Yes, that is the entire text of Ulysses printed on this shirt! Plus, there are more to choose from. (via Litographs)

Help your friend show which author's team he or she is really on with these baseball T-shirts. (via Novel-T)

Brilliant combination of pop culture and modernism. H/T Buzzfeed. (via marisaso)

Ye shall know your readers by their totes full of new reading! This styling plays off of the title of the Louisa May Alcott classic. (via Out of Print)

Adorable. (via Society6)

Every reader should have this Bartleby-inspired tote -- does your loved one? (via Melville House)

Book clutch
For the high-end shopper, we present these covetable clutches modeled off of hardcover books. We found this "guide to the stars" particularly adorable. (via Kate Spade)

For Practical Readers
All this ascetic book-lover needs to properly enjoy his or her latest novel are the necessary tools -- so make sure your friend or loved one has the very finest one at hand.

Any multitasking reader knows the struggle of trying to read while brushing teeth, eating dinner, or crocheting an afghan. This bookweight holds the book open, leaving hands free for cutlery or craftwork -- far more effectively than makeshift weights like a half-used toothpaste tube or a bottle of ketchup. This version is monogrammable, for an even more elegant touch. (via Levenger)

E-reader Case
E-reader users may gloat that they don't have that spontaneous book closure problem -- but how do they protect their fancy piece of equipment? A case is the perfect opportunity to blend practicality with a bit of flair. For a retro touch, get your friend a case crafted out of a real hardcover; they can read Fifty Shades of Grey but still appear to be reading Jane Austen. Win-win. (via Etsy)

Too flashy for your nearest and dearest? Every literary nerd has a fondness for the sober and understated Moleskine notebook, so let them sheath their e-reader in the same classy cover. Bonus: these cases come with notebooks tucked inside for easy note-taking. (via Moleskine)

Bookplate Stamp
No one likes a book thief (bestseller of that name aside). For friends who hate seeing their books disappear into the hands of exes and unscrupulous borrowers, a stamp bearing their name may not be a panacea, but it should at least ease the process of recovering their precious possessions. (via Etsy)

Looking for the perfect stocking stuffer or Secret Santa trinket? This eminently practical bookmark not only saves the reader's page, it points right to the line where he or she stopped reading. (via MoMa)

For Giving Readers
Some of us hate receiving donations in our name as gifts (ahem, George Costanza). But maybe there's a reader on your list who's more compassionate, even philanthropic, who'd love to know a worthy literary cause received a boost in their name. #WeNeedDiverseBooks got deserved attention after the recent Daniel Handler kerfuffle at the National Book Awards -- and there are still a few days left to contribute to their campaign! (via Indiegogo)

As protests continue in Ferguson, Missouri, consider a donation to the Ferguson library, which has been a refuge for local kids and families. And help support your local library or another library in need.

Help provide books to underprivileged children through the wonderful nonprofit First Book. (via FirstBook)

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