The Best Of Aziz Ansari's Reddit AMA

The Best Of Aziz Ansari's Reddit Q&A

ere hours before the very welcome return of Parks and Recreation, and with it the introduction of "Pig Tom," Mr. Haverford himself Aziz Ansari held an(other) Ask Me Anything on Reddit where, indeed, people asked anything. But mostly things about standup, Parks and Recreation, and his favorite jamz.

What did we learn? Well, Aziz loves Arnold Schwarzenegger, and even when he's not talking about Arnold Schwarzenegger, he's thinking about Arnold Schwarzenegger. We also now know his favorite movie, what to except from Parks this season (including the return of Jean-Ralphio), and what he'd be doing with his life were he not a world-famous comedian. Also, multiple Jingle All the Way references. It's not First Kid, but it's close.

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