The Best of Life Starts With The Basics

The Best of Life Starts With The Basics
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In this day and age, it can be difficult to live authentically. Most of what we're exposed to involves a perfectly polished image of reality. Our expectations of what we should be doing can be quite burdensome and we rarely think about what we could be doing; meaning that many of us are going through life adhering to society’s expectations, which have become our own. Then, we wonder why we’re not truly happy. Happiness needs to be expressed through our genuine selves with the things we love to do; but if we’re doing what we think is expected of us from the outside, then our happiness has no way of manifesting itself from our hearts.

I've talked to countless people who are satisfied in life, but somehow, it’s not what they pictured it to be. There’s a certain feeling of emptiness, a void that holds a place inside of us that makes us feel disconnected and lonely. Figuring out the right moves to break this pattern and follow our own journeys can be overwhelming! But it’s possible for us to have our own space in this world to live happily.

When I connect with clients who are in this very situation, I’ve come to realize we need to go back to basics and remember: it’s all about taking baby steps!

I believe that success and happiness come from consistency and a strong foundation within; so by treating yourself with respect and kindness, you will become stronger. You’ll feel newly inspired to reach your goals, and set out on your destined path towards a fulfilled life.

Let's go back to basics with these life essentials:


In the words of Arianna Huffington, “Sleep is a fundamental and non-negotiable human need and that sleep allows us to see the world with fresh eyes and a reinvigorated spirit.”

According to a Sleep in America poll, people who were diagnosed with depression or anxiety were more likely to sleep less than six hours. It’s safe to say that a lack of sleep can exhaust your entire being, both physically and spiritually. We all need to recharge our bodies and minds every night to heal and decompress. Start changing your pattern by simply putting down your overly stimulating gadgets before bed. Pick up a book or meditate instead! By sticking to a relaxing new habit, you'll get those 7-8 hours a night.


Eat clean foods that fuel your body! Cut out junk that makes you tired, unfocused and sick. I eat clean 7 days a week, but allow myself up to two cheat meals. That means I can binge on whatever I want… normally pizza and beer!

Kick off your new food rituals by choosing one thing to replace with a healthier option and keep going until you feel like you can do more! Again, baby steps will make everything possible. Even just switching to organic foods is a big step. Remember, you’re doing this because you want better for yourself.


If you’re not an active person who hates working out, start off slowly. My best tip would be to spend more time outside. Just walking outside for a good 10 minutes stimulates your brain. This simple activity has the ability to awaken your body and bring positive energy. Eating and living unhealthily contribute to denial; many people won't acknowledge what they’re actually doing to their bodies. Fresh air really clears your mind and helps you focus on the positive side of life. Eventually, you’ll crave more of those wonderful endorphins. You may find that walking can eventually turn you in to a runner– imagine that!

Mental Kindness

Keep a consistent flow of good thoughts by clearing out the negative thoughts about yourself. Consistency is really the main key here. Don’t accept your negative thoughts as the truth. Teach yourself to be kind, not just to the people around you, but also within!

Try out my favorite (and perhaps the most cringe-worthy) exercise: mirror talk! I promise, you’ll love it when you see its effectiveness. Tell yourself how much you love yourself for who you are and that you’re more than enough.

Starting out with these basic steps to improving your mental, physical and spiritual health will transform your life. You’ll awaken your spirit that you thought was long lost, recharge and gain clarity in your life. It really is the best way to start cleaning out the clutter and make way for what you’re meant to be doing.

Good luck!

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