The Best Publishers On Twitter And Facebook (PHOTOS, POLL)

The Best Publishers On Twitter And Facebook (PHOTOS, POLL)

Yesterday, we ran a feature on publishers' websites, looking at what purpose they serve and who they're trying to reach.

Today, we thought we'd look at social media strategies: the Facebook pages and Twitter feeds with the biggest followings. These aren't the only publishers getting it right in social media, but they are some of the stars.

This Publishers Weekly article from May does a nice job of describing what many publishers are doing right on Twitter, and says that the key to success on Twitter is "talking to people -- not at them."

Notably missing from this list are "big five" publishers HarperCollins and Macmillan. Though there are a few HarperCollins imprints with reasonably successful Twitter feeds, the main account (@HarperCollins) has not been updated since May 10. Surprisingly, Macmillan does not even have a Twitter account, though their UK counterpart does.

Do you follow or "like" any of these publishers? We'd love to know what you think, so vote in the slideshow below.

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