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Love is in the air...and it's now available on BluRay!

Whether you're spending your Valentine's Day with the love of your life or still waiting for your prince to come, chances are there's the perfect romcom for you to get swept up in. In honor of the busiest day on Cupid's calendar, here are some of our list-makers' favorite romantic comedies; do any of these make it on to your list of the Top 10 Best?

When Harry Met Sally

Falling in love with your best friend usually ends one of two ways: 1.) blissfully happy-ever-after or 2.) you really need to find a new bowling team. When Harry Met Sally is the gold-standard of "I never saw it coming!" romance.

Pretty Woman

They say you can't buy love. It seems like the Pretty Woman jury might still be out on that question... It might not be the ideal way to meet your soul-mate but, hey, it's not actually all that much different than Tinder.

Love Actually

Why settle for one romantic comedy, when you can watch like eleven of them at once? Love Actually is without a doubt the most efficient romcom in terms of happy-endings-per-movie. And we wouldn't have it any other way.

The Princess Bride

There are so many great couples in The Princess Bride - Columbo and Kevin Arnold, the guy from Homeland and Andre the Giant - that it's almost easy to forget that at its center is the simple story of a farmgirl and the Dread Pirate who loves her.

Annie Hall

Part of the magic of Annie Hall is the movie's ability to walk the line between depicting a relationship that is simultaneously incredibly stylized and incredibly real. Long after the lights come up and the credits have rolled, there's still a part of you that holds out hope for Alvy and Annie, even when they've found their peace.

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