The Best Self-Published Books of 2016

The Best Self-Published Books of 2016
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Every year readers are faced with "best of" lists of books, from outlets ranging from "GoodReads Choice" to NPR. And every year they all pretty much feature the same titles (this year they include Colson Whitehead's THE UNDERGROUND RAILROAD, Stephanie Danler's SWEETBITTER, Michael Chabon's MOONGLOW, Zadie Smith's SWING TIME and THE GIRLS by Emma Kline).

We're not saying those books aren't good, but really, is that all there is? What about the indie titles? The hot romances, off-beat memoirs, the cool science fiction, fantasy and YA, worlds created and envisioned by one person, the indie author?

So get out your gift lists and your Kindles, Nooks and Kobos, or order them in print from your favorite local bookstore.

Presenting IndieReader's annual list of their best reviewed indie titles of 2016.



A university professor is tasked with a secret mission to verify a recently discovered artifact, but is thrown into a strange conspiracy with a madman at the helm in FAST TRACK TO GLORY By Tomasz Chrusciel


A whirlwind romance turns into life-changing decisions with the onset of an unplanned pregnancy in BABY GIRL By Bette Lee Crosby

An on again/off again relationship turns into a long-term love/hate situation when an unplanned pregnancy creates seemingly irreconcilable differences in ONCE BROKEN By D.M. Hamblin


Whisker and the Pie Rats compete for a coveted prize in THE TROPHY OF CHAMPIONS By Cameron Stelzer

Human and animal kingdoms interact in: THE KINGDOM OF THE SUN AND THE MOON By Lowell H. Press

A child gets to the heart of heroism in: HECTOR'S HEROIC DAY By Patrick Jones

Experiences in an alternate universe create a wake up call in an average student's life in: KING OF AVERAGE By Gary Schwartz


Female domination creates a modern day Orwellian environs in: RUN RAGGED By Kari Aguila


A fantastical showdown between the heavenly host and the sinister demons: MASTERS' MYSTERIUM: LAS VEGAS By R.R. Reynolds

A three series blockbuster encompassing demonic battles in SERVANT OF DARKNESS, SERVANT OF LIES and SERVANT OF FIRE By Simon J Cambridge


A Sequel to Yeshua's Cat, CAT BORN TO THE PURPLE, a poetic tale with a flair for description and a welcoming, hopeful heart By C.L. Francisco

History, mysterious pasts, and tarot cards intertwine in: CONSTANT GUESTS By Patricia Nedelea

The lives of two clairvoyant sisters make a drastic shift into the world of wealth when they befriend one of the richest men in the nation in: OUTRAGEOUS By Neal Katz

A young nobleman struggles to balance honor with survival in the turbulent politics of the court of Henry VIII in: HEAVEN, EARTH OR HELL By Maeve Nolan.

An American in England turns her nose up at aristocratic expectations in: WHEN IT RAINED AT HEMBRY CASTLE By Meredith Allard


An amusement park featuring werewolves, vampires, and zombies is a facade for a diabolical plan: MONSTERLAND By Michael Phillip Cash


A man contends with depression as he takes on the role of a human lab rat in: MAYS LANDING By J.C. Mercer

Social commentary highlighted through a curmudgeon's antics in: COINMAN By Pawan Mishra

Danger and intrigue when an American woman moves to Saudi Arabia and befriends a Saudi woman in: EAST OF MECCA By Sheila Flaherty


FIRST KILL and DRONE By Robert Roy Britt, are fast-faced detective stories with some thought-provoking twists, featuring PI Eli Quinn

Love, murder, betrayal, thieves, Russians, Colombians and the FBI in: IMPALA By Andrew Diamond

DARKROOM By Mary Maddox is a highly-polished atmospheric descent into a seedy world of drugs, murder and photography populated by vibrant characters

An unusual Islamic-based cyber attack threatens the United States in GOD OF THE INTERNET By Lynn Lipinski, a cleverly orchestrated work of suspense fiction with a modern-day twist

Nearing the end of America's hold on the Panama Canal, a series of horrific attacks deep in the jungle bring a plot to light involving international banking, the CIA, and a violent madman in: VILE MEANS By Steve Dimodica

From the opening scene on an airplane, where a former special operations soldier has to subdue an unruly passenger...Chuck Driskell creates life-like characters and constant tension in THE DIARIES

A ranching mogul/senator returns from D.C to his Nevada homestead unaware that a series of sinister situations are in the works to destroy his ranch empire in: THE MAYNWARINGS By Digger Cartwright

When a young married couple struggles with imposter syndrome and newfound special powers, more than just their marriage is on the line in: SWITCH By Geoff Visgilio

Opposing forces traverse Northern Europe to seek out a medieval treasure of mythical proportions in: DRACHEN By Brendan le Grange

Well-researched and grounded in legal reality, THE BLIND MULE By Russell S. Babcock is an intriguing look at the court system through the eyes of an accused

The kidnapping of a college student is just one in a chilling series of events in: IN THE DARK By Chris Patchell

Siblings take gambling to a whole new level when they realize they can use a time advanced satellite system to make mega bucks in: US VS WELKNER By Sonny Hayes

A Jesuit priest stumbles upon a secret society determined to remain secret, and members will kill, if necessary, to maintain secrets that are centuries old in: THE ODD FELLOWS SOCIETY By C. G. Barrett


A Western Gothic adventure with a unique take on vampire mythology in: THE LAST SUNSET, the fourth book in the Vampire and the Cowboy series By Clark Hays and Kathleen McFall

A hell of a series start finds a demon hunter searching for a way of rescuing her adoptive father from the grips of a demon and solving the mystery of RAVEN'S PEAK By Lincoln Cole


Author William Poe pulls back the curtain on some desperate characters, from a gay man looking for love in the wrong places, to a tormented boy who wants to be a tiger, in: ENDINGS: Poetry and Prose


While early 1960s Georgia is rocked by the stirrings of change and tragedy, a socialite's high profile life collapses when her husband is found murdered in this gripping contemporary romance in: PAPER CASTLES By Terri Lee

Part swashbuckling adventure, part richly detailed fantasy universe, part coming of age tale, PHILOMENA By Mark Guiney spans multiple genres

It's science versus religion as an asteroid heads for earth in: THE DARKEST SIDE OF SATURN By Tony Taylor

A group of hardened mercenaries take an idealistic young smuggler under their protection as she transports a cache of the one drug that keeps humanity alive in: THE PRELAPSARIANS By John Gaiserich

Humanity's attempt to survive first contact with a civilization that reaches back to the early days of the universe in: SHRIVERS By Jeb Kinnison


In MAX AND THE MARA By Jesse Arnold, an action-packed, endearing young adult fiction, a group of brave, living teddy bears band together on a quest to rescue a boy kidnapped into the nightmare realm

A girl's search for her missing sister evolves into the unexpected when she discovers an impending war between monsters and humans in: THE MONSTER REALM By Nara Duffie

An outcast freshman's attempt for revenge makes waves when she posts sensitive student information on her blog in: EDGE THE BARE GARDEN By Rosanne Cheng

A teen princess plans revenge when she learns that her sly uncle takes over her rightful place as queen in: MOXIE'S DECISION By Hank Quense



An intelligent and exhaustive examination of labor regulations and their negative effect on employment practices is the main topic addressed in DEATH BY HR: HOW AFFIRMATIVE ACTION CRIPPLES ORGANIZATIONS By Jeb Kinnison

Practical solutions to technical problems in: IT AIN'T ROCKET SCIENCE By Susan C. Cooper

With the help of nearly a dozen contributing experts in networking, career counselor and self-described introvert Gail Tolstoi-Miller provides an easy-to-read and clearly expressed insider's guide to quick and comfortable communication in: NETWORKING KARMA


IF IT DOES NOT GROW SAY NO By Kerry Alison Wekelo is an activity book for kids that teaches a holistic approach to healthy eating

A young girl faces ridicule and bullying about her birthmark in: HAYLEY'S COURAGE By Linda M. Steiner


A first person memoir about the healing properties of home cooking and a strong family life, written from the perspective of a newly married man navigating his relationship and the heart-wrenching difficulties of aging parents in: COOK YOUR WAY TO LOVE & HARMONY By Agus Ekanurdi and Frida Antony


Learn the truth about the Discoverer of America in the best double agent in history in: COLUMBUS--THE UNTOLD STORY By Manuel Rosa

The horror of the Holocaust and the rise of Nazi Germany can never be overstated, but conveying the tragedy effectively is often best done by focusing on a single incident or aspect as in: PART OF THE FAMILY By Jason Hensley


The write way around creative roadblocks in: THE WRITER'S PROCESS By Anne H. Janzer


A a unique spin on a world of sound bites and quippy, overused and trite sayings in: SELFIE-FACING By John Branning


Ginny East has no idea what she's getting herself into when she trades a million-dollar business for a simpler and sustainable life style in: MY MILLION-DOLLAR DONKEY

THE TEACHINGS OF SHIRELLE - LIFE LESSONS FROM A DIVINE KNUCKLEHEAD By Douglas Green has a message that most dog owners would agree with: you can train your dog, but your dog will also be training you

In an experiment to discover what the rideshare business is about, one middle-aged business man takes it upon himself to tackle the dangers and excitement of becoming a rideshare driver in: BUZZ RIDE By P.M. White

With the help of an unconventional psychiatrist, a woman struggles to recover from childhood sexual abuse in: HUNGRY FOR TOUCH By Laureen Marie Peltier

From a teenage thug to a man who understands happiness, a man rises above his drug addiction in: HAPPY CHASING HAPPY By Jerome "jay" Isip

In AND THEN THERE WERE THREE, Julia Fox tells the story of her unconventional three-person relationship through a series of sixty-seven letters addressed to her beloved

Time spent mothering an elderly mother produces a collection of "mom-isms" in: TRADING PLACES: BECOMING MY MOTHER'S MOTHER By Sandra Bullock Smith


A philosopher offers innovative theories about the nature of knowledge in: TRUTH EVOLVES By Dustin Arand




A former Evangelical Christian gives his experiences with the movement, and explains the beliefs and perspectives of those within it in: THE EVANGELICAL EXPERIENCE By Anthony Coleman


A JOURNEY WITH PANIC By Dr. James Manning and Dr. Nicola Ridgeway offers cognitive behavioral techniques for dealing with panic attacks

Paul N. Larsen, a professional performance coach, shares advice on how to become a leader in: FIND YOUR VOICE AS A LEADER, a well-organized guide to understanding your own personal values

Moving past inertia towards positive action and joy in: THE MORE YOU DO THE BETTER YOU FEEL - HOW TO OVERCOME PROCRASTINATION AND LIVE A HAPPIER LIFE By David Parker, a well-organized method for overcoming procrastination and the depression

Author, attorney, entrepreneur, and inspirational speaker, Daniel Castro explains why some people can look at perfectly ordinary situations and see opportunities that others miss in: HIDDEN SOLUTIONS ALL AROUND YOU

WEIGHT TRAINING WITHOUT INJURY By Fred Stellabote and Rachel Straub is a user's guide to help prevent injury for beginners as well as advanced individuals looking to maximize their weight training regimes

MY QUEST TO LOVE By Daniel C. Davis provides practical guidelines on how to achieve the illusive perfect relationship, based on his familiarity with common pitfalls along the way

A wide range of methods to optimize learning in different fields are revealed in: THE MANUAL: A Guide to the Ultimate Study Method (USM) By Rod Bremer

Straightforward and encouraging guidance out of depression in: RISE FROM DARKNESS - PATHS OUT OF DEPRESSION TOWARD HAPPINESS By Kristian Hall

An independent consultant offers advice on how to manage an investment portfolio in: MANAGE YOUR FINANCIAL LIFE - A THOUGHTFUL, ORGANIZED APPROACH FOR WOMEN By Nancy Doyle

A collection of life experiences and lessons learned turn into thought-provoking insights and life-changing activities in: MAYBE GOD HAS A BETTER IDEA By Robb F


Events in a young and promising cardiologist's life send a wake up call, and it all begins with a heart attack in: ART ON THE HUMAN HEART By Paul C. Ho, MD

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