9 Of The Best Subscription Boxes For Kids That Aren't Toys Or Clothes

Educational subscription boxes for kids about STEM, crafts, books and more.

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With kids glued to laptops, phones and tablets and teens ticking their time away on TikTok, it can be difficult to stray them away from their screens (even the smell of dinner might not tempt them).

So finding gifts for kiddos that’ll educate them, bring out their creative side and that they’ll actually like isn’t an easy feat even for parents who have done it before. For parents trying to raise accepting children and trying not to spoil them too much, it’s important to expose them to as much as possible.

That’s where a subscription box can come in handy. Instead of giving kids gifts like toys and clothes, these boxes can put a spark in their brain without them realizing it (like hiding healthy vegetables in meals without them noticing). While they won’t feel like they’re in a classroom, they’re still learning on their own.

Whether it’s a box filled with STEM projects or one with creative crafts, we found nine of the best educational subscription boxes for kids.

Take a look at them below:

Take some time away from your tablets and read together before bedtime.
Amazon Books
A subscription to Amazon's Prime Book Box gets you handpicked hardcover and board books that your little one will love, since the titles are some of Amazon customers and editors' favorites. Choose when the books are delivered to your door: every month, two months or three months.
Dare them to dream and play dress up.
Little Bookish Wardrobe
Inspire imagination with The Little Bookish Wardrobe, a monthly subscription that comes with a book and matching costume for kids to immerse themselves in the story. Plus, each box comes with arts and crafts and an interactive play or game so that they're totally into the themes of what they read.
Inspire their inner artist.
We Craft Box
For the creative kid whose hands are always itching to do something, this craft box can keep them entertained. The We Craft Box comes with a theme, story and all the materials they'll need to make some magic. Luckily, the materials can be shared between two kids so there won't be any fighting over who gets what.
Stimulate an interest in STEM.
Spangler Science Club
Make science and math more exciting at an early age with this Spangler Science Club subscription box. You can choose from three different levels of hands-on science kits, which feature experiments and STEM challenges. So no more dreading or second guessing what they're going to do for the next science fair.
Teach them about the world.
Little Passports
While your little one might be too young to travel the whole world by themselves, you can still widen their world with a Little Passports subscription box. The box has hands-on projects, puzzles, souvenirs and activities for them about a new country every month. They'll be able to go to a different country without paying for a plane ticket.
Get them to game offline for once.
Dungeon Crate
Fans of role-playing games like Dungeons and Dragons will rejoice with this subscription box from Dungeon Crate. Each month, your kid will receive gaming accessories like dice and tabletop tokens and codes for digital downloads.
Get them ready to be future scientists.
Amazon / STEM Club
While they might not have caught the science bug just yet, kids can still learn about STEM in a way that doesn't make them fall asleep. The STEM Club toy subscription from Amazon lets them learn with toys that are based around STEM subjects and will teach skills like logic and problem-solving.
A puzzle club for those who love putting things together.
Highlights for Children
The Highlights Puzzle Buzz Book Club subscription brings your child two new puzzle books every three weeks. They'll have fun figuring out different puzzles, like mazes and word searches. Each book has 36 pages for them to get through. The books might even make long car rides calmer for everyone.
Let them be experimental and artsy with creative crates.
Kiwi Crate
It might sometimes feel like kids can't choose between being into science and art. But with a Kiwi Crate subscription they won't have to pick one and leave the other behind. The crates have science and art projects that they're sure to love like the Doodle Crate, which will have them working on DIY projects.