The Best Tech Gifts For Friends and Family This Holiday Season

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The holidays are an important time of year, when we take the time to reconnect with our loved ones. With this comes the weight of gift giving, which at many times can feel overwhelming. Everyone is searching for a gift that will reflect their feelings and impressions of a person and often times finding that perfect present seems daunting.

In the weeks before Black Friday, it’s helpful for me to take a deep breath and think about the kinds of things that make the lives of the people I care about easier and more delightful. These reasonably priced tech gifts are great choices to show friends and family that you care, while also making their New Year healthier and happier.

I don’t think there’s another fitness tracker on the market as strikingly well-designed as the Bellabeat Leaf. It’s a beautiful piece of jewelry, but still simple and versatile enough to pair with anyone’s personal style. What really makes this stand out in the health tracker market is that it tracks your breathing and offers built-in breathing exercises, managing stress and increasing focus. Bellabeat Leaf also promotes women’s health by tracking key milestones specific to females. Everyone has a busy lady in their life: the Bellabeat will help her keep getting it all done, and then some.

When I was growing up, $60 might buy you four or five albums of music—an impressive haul for any stocking. These days, that’s enough to buy six months-worth of nearly all of the music known to mankind. That’s technological progress. This gift appeals to just about anyone, from a business client to a family member. As a parent to two young children myself, I look forward to coming home after a long day to put on Spotify and turning our living room into a dance party!

While it’s nice to be able to blast music on your home stereo with your family, it’s always nice to have good quality headphones for when you are on the move! I’m a big fan of the headphones by UrbanEars. Great sound quality, minimalist design, and a rainbow of color options, including a trendy winter 2016 series of soft pastels. Their Plattan model is a steal at $49, and they’re light and compact enough for when I travel but they also brighten up a daily commute.

Even for the most devoted of cooks, there always comes a time when takeout just makes sense. For those times, a gift card that’ll provide access to nearly any takeout option available definitely comes in handy. These are e-gift cards so you can easily send them to anyone across the country in order to spread the holiday cheer. This is simply a gift that will be used, with delight and without fail. By any definition, that’s a successful gift.

Google’s new voice-activated speaker and digital assistant is dropping just in time for the holiday season. Similar to Amazon’s Echo, Google Home offers the Jetsons-esque luxury of a 24/7 attendant that can answer any question, play songs and podcasts on demand, control all of your smart devices, and learn your habits to provide reminders about appointments, sleep patterns, traffic and weather. And of course, there’s a built-in hi-fi speaker that comes in a range of colors, which is honestly worth the price on its own. With great quality and a sleek look, this is the best of both worlds.

Whatever you decide, I think it helps to keep in mind that the best gifts are ones that the recipients will actually use throughout the year. This reminds them that that they’re loved no matter the day, month or season.