Here Are 14 Of The Best Tech Gifts Under $50 For 2019

You don't need to call tech support to enjoy these affordable tech gifts.

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Some of the best tech products available can be had for under $50. 
Some of the best tech products available can be had for under $50. 

When it comes to buying gifts for the tech lovers in your life, it might seem like the only option is to drop hundreds of dollars on cool new gadgets like Amazon’s new Echo Buds or the latest iPhone 11 Pro.

While the latest and greatest might be expensive, you don’t have to break the bank when shopping for fun gifts for gadget lovers. Some of the best tech products available can be had for under $50.

That’s why we’ve pulled together a guide to affordable tech gifts. This list includes everything from low tech add-ons to the latest in smart speaker technology.

Take a look below:

Wireless headphones for working out
These headphones are perfect for workouts. They are also waterproof, so no worries about sweat damaging them. They come with multiple different attachments to fit all ear shapes and sizes. Get them on Amazon.
An alarm clock that'll turn them into a morning person
Know someone who sets six different alarms to wake up in the morning? This fun alarm clock runs away from you, forcing you out of bed to start your day. It could also make a fun gag gift for someone who’s definitely not a morning person. Get it on Amazon.
A two-in-one gadget perfect for travel
Dump your old phone charger and upgrade to one that’s also a battery pack! Anker is known across the tech world for quality accessories, and this combo charger has more than 1,200 five-star reviews on Amazon. Get it on Amazon.
A way to stream 4K TV favorites
This gadget is perhaps one of the cheapest and easiest ways to access 4K streaming content. Roku is platform agnostic, so you can flick to your streaming service of choice, including Netflix, Apple TV Plus, Amazon Prime Video, and the new Disney+. Get it on Amazon.
A low-commitment smart home device
Finally join the smart speaker revolution with the most affordable Google Home. If your giftee loves it and wants to add more, this speaker works great with other Google products. Get it at Walmart.
An easy way to turn their favorite speaker into a smart home device
Not a Google person? Update any speaker to include Amazon’s Alexa with this easy add-on. Bring your favorite speaker into the 21st century without a completely new setup. Get it on Amazon .
Smart bulbs, to round out their smart home experience
These Philips Hue smart bulbs are the perfect Dad gift. We can almost guarantee he’ll show off this color-changing bulb to his friends and then be tempted to change every lightbulb in the house. Get them at Target.
A wireless charger, so they put all the cool function of their new phone to use
Know someone with a hot new Android or iPhone? Most of these devices can wirelessly charge, and this highly reviewed charging pad (it has more than 15,000 reviews on Amazon!) is compatible with all of these devices and more. And it’s incredibly affordable at just $14. Get it on Amazon.
A way to keep track of their most valuable belongings
Never lose your wallet (or laptop or passport or important folder etc…) again. Just download the Tile app onto your smartphone and “ring” the Tile when your items are missing and locate it. This version includes a 3-year battery life and range of 200 feet. Get it on Amazon.
A way to track their health beyond the numbers on the scale
For the health conscious techie, this Bluetooth-enabled scale pairs with your smartphone to offer so much more data than just weight. Get it on Amazon.
A gadget worthy of any home chef
Any home chef will be excited to see this smart connected thermometer . Less time checking temperatures, more time prepping and eating delicious food! Get it on Amazon.
A practical stocking add-on for any gadget lover
If your cable outlet is in an unfortunate location like a bedroom or living room, these stickers will help dim the seemingly blinding lights on your modem. No more fighting about where the modem goes! Get it on Amazon.
A way to organize all of those cords and cables
Every techie has a mass of cables somewhere in their home. Start someone’s cable management journey with these incredibly versatile velcro ties. Just be warned, cable management can quickly become a lifestyle. Get it on Amazon.
When it doubt, go for a gift card
With new games releasing every month, it can be hard to know what to get the gamer in your life. When in doubt, digital currency is always a win. Just make sure you know if they would prefer a Playstation gift card, Xbox gift card or Nintendo gift card before you buy!