Here Are The Best Things Our Shopping Editors Bought In 2019

Our shopping editors have been busy this year doing what they do best — shopping.

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As the HuffPost Finds team kisses 2019 goodbye, they're looking back on the best purchases they made this year.
As the HuffPost Finds team kisses 2019 goodbye, they're looking back on the best purchases they made this year.

Our editors at HuffPost Finds have something to confess: they shopped a lot (and admittedly might have even slightly overshopped) in 2019.

Since our editors have had their eyes (and tabs on their laptops) open for all the sales that were actually worth it this year, they know when something’s a real deal or steal. And they can’t resist adding some things to their own carts, too, when they’re writing up stories about gifts for dads, what to wear on New Year’s Eve and sustainable swaps we should all make.

It’s been quite the year for shopping, too. From Prime Day to Sephora’s annual holiday sale to Black Friday and Cyber Monday, the end of the summer through start of the holiday season has especially seen some worthwhile sales.

And it’s not over yet: Super Saturday, the Saturday before Christmas, is expected to be the biggest shopping day in the U.S. this year — thanks, in part, to last-minute shoppers and less days between Black Friday and Christmas this year compared to 2018.

Since the end of the year is meant to be a time for reflecting, our editors naturally have been thinking about the best purchases they’ve made and products they’ve used in 2019. From a gold tarot necklace to a Google Smart TV bundle, our shopping editors have been busy this year doing what they do best — shopping.

After a lot of thinking, here are the best things that our shopping editors bought in 2019:

A Chelsea boot from Everlane
"Not only are these shoes super comfortable, they go with everything. I can dress them down with jeans or style them with a dress and know they will hold up. Everlane is really transparent about their manufacturing and materials, so it's great knowing exactly what I paid for and I think they were worth every penny. It appears Everlane has been phasing out this style in favor of a newer pair called the New Modern Chelsea Boot." - Danielle Gonzalez, Commerce Specialist
A magical tarot necklace
"I bought this tarot necklace on Black Friday and have been wearing it almost religiously. I love how it looks over a mock neck and the little stones are just enough sparkle for everyday. I'm certainly not letting go of the celestial trend in 2020." - Ambar Pardilla, Commerce Writer
Weleda moisturizers
"I have combination skin that gets really oily in the summer, and incredibly dry in the winter. I had a hard time finding moisturizers that hydrated without clogging my pores and leaving me with a face full of breakouts a few days later. Since switching to Weleda moisturizers (right now I'm using the Hydrating Night Cream and Hydrating Day Cream), I have far fewer breakouts. As in, I go months and months at a time without a single zit — something I don't think I've ever had happen in my entire life. Every product from Weleda has a really fresh, clean scent, and the fact that all the products are made with natural ingredients is just another reason I love them." - Brittany Nims, Commerce Manager
A COSRX ceramide cream to get through winter
"I discovered this moisturizer last winter and can't imagine surviving this season without it. It's super thick, almost like a balm or salve, so I usually apply it before bed and wake up with plump, hydrated skin. It's loaded with sunflower seed oil and ceramides, which is perfect for calming red, chapped winter skin. The huge tube and reasonable price point have made it a staple for my winter skincare routine." - Gonzalez
A hydrating French hand cream
"One of my friends got me into this cream since she carried it around all the time in her tote. This Darphin hand and nail cream has a sweet rose water scent that's not overpowering at all. The winter usually isn't too kind to skin and so I've been using this cream over and over again, especially after washing my hands. I can feel my hands getting softer with each use and it doesn't leave my hands oily afterwards, either." - Pardilla
A creamy Chanel lip balm
"It might seem like a frivolous find, but this lip balm from Chanel is honestly the one that I always come back to for just a little color on my lips. I rarely go for bold lipsticks and usually stick to my favorite iridescent lipgloss called Ch-Ch-Changes from Marc Jacobs. But I love the way this lip balm feels and looks. I have both the "light" and "deep" shades. I recently started putting on the light shade on my cheeks so that they look like I just pinched them (a trend from Victorian times)." - Pardilla
Reusable silicone bags
"We've done a lot of writing about how silicone food storage bags are a sustainable alternative to Ziploc bags. I finally purchased a couple of Stasher bags this year, and they were 100% worth it. I use them to collect compost and food scraps in my freezer throughout the week before I drop it off at my neighborhood compost collection. Of course, you can also use them around the house just as you would use a Ziploc bag: for food storage, for travel, for organization, or pretty much anything." - Nims
A Capri Blue Volcano candle
"This has been and always will be my favorite candle. I stock up on a few throughout the year and love giving them out as gifts." - Gonzalez
A new couch
All Modern
"When my boyfriend and I moved in together this year, we made a lot of big furniture purchases, but the one we were most excited to make was on a new sofa. We ended up landing on this Ainslee Leather Sofa from AllModern (though it was called the "Bombay Leather Sofa" when we purchased it; it appears to have been renamed since). We opted for this couch because, at under $1,000, it's an affordable alternative to the Sven Sofa from Article. I love the minimalist aesthetic of the sofa we ended up purchasing from AllModern. It's functional, but still really eye-catching, especially in a small space. I always get compliments on it and repeatedly asked on Instagram where it's from, so it's probably my proudest home find from the year." - Nims
A too-expensive dress that I don't regret
"I never spend this much on clothing. Never ever. But when I spotted this Butterfly Dress from Reformation, I literally couldn't stop thinking about it. Lucky for me, I had a friend's wedding coming up, which was the perfect excuse to give myself permission to buy it. The dress is so comfortable and incredibly flattering for curvier figures. I bought it in red, which makes me feel like the dancing girl emoji when I wear it. I'm hoping to break it out again for a Valentine's Day date night. - Nims
A mock neck tee that's comfortable and classic
"Turtlenecks can sometimes look like they're swallowing me so I usually turn to mock necks for the same effect without the feeling of being restrained. I wear this Everlane tee almost every week because it goes with just about anything. It's made entirely from cotton. I want one in every color and it helps that it's just $25." - Pardilla
A good pair of jeans
"I'm a curvy gal, which means shopping for jeans is often a nightmare. This year I purchased a pair of Good American jeans from one of Nordstrom's annual sales, and I think I've found my favorite denim brand. These jeans are size inclusive (often up to a size 28 or 4X) and are designed with curvy bodies in mind, with features like gap-proof waistbands, stretch denim and reinforced stitching for a flattering fit. What makes Good American unique is that the brand created a women's size 15 in its styles, a decision that came after the brand realized the vast sizing disparity between women's sizes 14 and 16 in bottoms. The size 15, (my Good American jeans size) is a good option for women who tend to land somewhere between straight sizing and plus sizing." - Nims
A decorative wall mirror
"This mirror is so simple but it really pulls my whole room together and makes the space feel sophisticated. I was able to snag it on sale at Target so it makes the purchase even more special." - Gonzalez
A leopard printed puffer coat
"I don't want to admit how much time I actually spent trying to find a puffer coat for my commute into Manhattan from New Jersey, but it was a lot. I finally settled on this leopard printed puffer from J.Crew that I love so much. Surprisingly, it came in petite and I ordered my usual size medium and while it's a little oversized, I love that I can keep layering underneath it. It has fleece lined pockets that are super warm and has a sustainable PrimaLoft filling inside." - Pardilla
A Vicks VapoInhaler value pack
"This is a last-minute find but I recently caught the cold and I've been coughing and sniffling every five minutes for the past couple of days. As the daughter of a Latino immigrants, Vicks VapoRub has been a cure-all for absolutely any ailment so Vicks has a special place in my heart. But plastering it all over my nose is annoying for a day at work and this VapoInhaler from Target gives me the vapors that'll let me breathe without the mess. It's definitely going to come in handy during the cold months so I bought a pack of two." - Pardilla
A new (gold) MacBook Air
Best Buy
"My old personal computer was a heavy relic from my grad school days. It died a few years ago and this year I felt like it was time to finally replace it with something new and sleek. I ended up buying a new gold MacBook Air during Black Friday when they were on sale, and it's probably the most practical purchase I've made all year." - Nims
A Google Smart TV bundle from Walmart
"This is hands down the best thing I bought in 2020. My Google Home Mini has become an essential part of my daily routine. While I get ready in the morning, it tells me the weather, any events on my calendar and a quick briefing of the news. When I come home after work and announce my arrival, it begins playing my favorite R&B playlist from Spotify so I can unwind. It came with a Chromecast, so if I want to watch something I can just ask Google to start playing a specific show on Netflix, Hulu, YouTube or Amazon Video. When it’s time for bed I simply say “Hey Google, bedtime” and it asks what time I want to set the alarm for and plays ocean sounds to lull me to sleep." - Gonzalez
A Dyson vacuum
"I have a cat who sheds a lot, so on Prime Day the one thing I was looking for was a deal on a Dyson vacuum. I ended up buying a Dyson V7 Animal Pro+ vacuum with all the attachments, and absolutely love it. It's really effective, easy to clean and I love that it comes with a wall mount charger that holds all of the spare attachments, so everything is easily within reach." - Nims