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The Best Toys For Your Kids (Or Yourself) This Holiday

Relish in some old memories in order to make some new!
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It is almost clichė to discuss millennials’ proclivity for nostalgia, but the rampant #TBTs and Friday Flashbacks across social media demonstrate that there is still cause to do so. More than any other generation, millennials relish the products and experiences of our youth, choosing to find comfort in the familiar.

Now that so many millennials, who are aged 24 - 39, are parents, we have the opportunity to re-experience some of our most favorite nostalgic moments all over again, through the wonder and excitement of our children. What better way to relive those special moments of our youth, than by sharing our favorite toys with our favorite little people?

With that in mind, we’ve partnered with Walmart to craft a guide inspired by your favorite toys of yore. Who says that you actually have to give them to your kids?!

Remember that pink palace that Barbie used to inhabit in your youth? Well, she’s made some upgrades. The new Dream House features some old favorites as well as some new sights ― and even sounds. The oven timer ticks and dings, while the toilet flushes. Not only is there an elevator and a terrace, there’s also a slide from the third floor to the second floor pool. Oh, and did we mention that there’s even a recycling bin?

Barbie Dreamhouse Dollhouse with Pool, Slide and Elevator

How about combining one of the favorite, classic games of our youth with Star Wars?! Indeed, Baby Yoda is taking over timeless games, such as Operation and Monopoly. Instead of landing on Park Place or pulling out things like the “funny bone,” the games take you into the world of The Mandalorian, where players travel around the board to find safe houses or salvage relevant items from The Child’s floating bassinet. Don’t touch the sides, because the squeal-inducing buzzer is still included.

Operation Star Wars The Mandalorian Edition Board Game

Monopoly Star Wars The Child Board Game

If you loved playing with ninja action figures, it’s time for the 2020 upgrade: ninja + robot + spatula, tennis racket and, of course, nunchucks = Ninja Bots. With your help, these two fighters will wail on each other — but which Ninja Bot will come out on top? The ninja swinging the boot? Or the ninja wielding the spatula?

Ninja Bots 2-Pack Robots

The new Easy-Bake oven is geared toward a generation of kids who have grown up with television bake-offs and dessert challenges. Easy-Bake Ultimate Baking Star Edition not only looks like a frosted cake with sprinkles, it makes frosted cake with sprinkles! The tiny, pretty cakes will inspire little bakers and satisfy a sweet tooth ― even an adult-sized sweet tooth.

Easy-Bake Ultimate Oven Baking Star Edition

You can definitely still play with remote control cars...and they’ve just gotten cooler. This Monster Jam Megalodon Storm couldn’t be more appropriately named because the all-terrain truck is actually a shark — and it can drive in water. Could your old RC do that?!? And, if you just can’t get enough RCs, maybe it’s time for you to upgrade to the adult version: a drone?

Monster Jam 1:15 RC Megalodon Storm

Combine a lil (Outrageous Little) millennial sensibility with an old favorite, like fashion plates, and you get something made for...well, the children of millennials. LOL Surprise! OMG (Outrageous Millennial Girl) is the ultimate gift for the next generation of fashionistas. Featuring dress up dolls with an enviable closet of dress up styles, pencils, crayons, markers and sketch pad, it has everything that you would have wanted as a mini fashion designer.

LOL Surprise! O.M.G. Ultimate Artist Set with Carry Case, Holographic Pouch, Dress Up Dolls & Fashion Sketchbook

Play on, my friend! Your children will be thrilled that they can crush you with his or her favorite evil villain. You may yet prevail, if you bring in your old...very old...trusted friend, He-Man. Yes, He-Man is still around and continues to fight for the power of Grayskull. Battlecat not included.

Masters of the Universe Origins He-Man 5.5″ Action Figure

Aren’t you so glad that you never threw away your old record collection? If you appreciate music, you need to pass down that appreciation for vinyl records. Luckily the Crosley Cruiser Deluxe Stereo Turntable can not only play your priceless record collection, but it also has built-in bluetooth to stream your digital music.

Crosley Cruiser Deluxe Stereo Turntable

Some classic toys just don’t need to be messed with. Sure, the LEGO building sets are incredibly cool, but there’s nothing like letting your imagination run wild and just...creating. This tried and true classic lets you do just that.

LEGO Classic Bricks Bricks Plates

Or click here if you need more toy-inspiration — from retro favorites to next-gen must-haves — for the little (and big) elfs on your list!


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