The Best Tweets From #ElectionNight

If anything positive has come out of the Presidential election race, it's the constant flow of 140-character-or-less gems. It's fitting that election day served as the absolute height (or low point) or Twitter humor as it's the end of the real world as we know it. Since you were probably busy watching the actual election coverage, we spent our time sifting through Twitter garbage to find the real diamonds in the rough. Check out the best election night tweets below.

The absolute and grim truth of it all. Stay strong. Black Mirror is no longer fiction.

Like, for real.

Donald Trump keeps an eye on Melania's vote.

Dolly Parton manages to be relevant for a full tweet.

Stone Cold Steve Austin makes a pretty solid case for his own presidency.

Weeping openly for us all.

Shit got real.

We're right there with you.

We failed.

Portrait of a Trump voter.

This is too real.

We can get behind this.

It is a dark day indeed, Rashida.

Patton Oswalt describes America.

We're shitting too.

Snoop has other priorities...

Florida literally made some of our staff cry.

Harambe's not so funny after all.

Fuck you and your "protest votes". More from Seth.

So much for that strong economy.

Hurricane Matthew was trying to save us.

We want to believe.

We know that feel, bro.

We were pretty proud of our social media team for this one.

All the way back to 1928.