The Best Way To Learn About The Music Biz Is From Dina LaPolt

Dina LaPolt, one of the top music attorneys in the country, recognized by both the Hollywood Reporter’s Power Lawyers 2017 Top Music Business Attorneys and Billboard’s Music’s Most Powerful Attorneys, is returning to UCLA Extension to teach you the ins and outs of today’s music industry.

Whether you are an artist, manager, lawyer, accountant, music industry executive, producer, songwriter, music publisher or work for a digital service provider or other digital media company, LaPolt’s course, “Legal and Practical Aspects of the Music Business,” will provide you with an essential understanding of the various ways in which creators’ rights are exploited and monetized and how revenue is generated in the music business.

Billboard has deemed the class as an “industry must attend,” noting that it "has become a breeding ground for some of the music industry's best and brightest." Notable alumni include managers, agents and other industry executives from Maverick, Nettwerk, Mercenary Management, Three Six Zero, Red Light Entertainment, APA, WME, Universal, Sony and Warner Brothers Records.

In addition, the course features lectures by guest speakers and executives from all sectors of the music industry. This year’s speakers include: Celine Joshua, SVP Sony Music, Epic Records and Jay Frank, Universal SVP of Global Streaming Marketing; Evan Greenspan of EMG Music Clearances, Inc; Jay Cooper of Greenberg Traurig LLP; Erika Savage of Interscope Geffen A&M Records and Damian Elahi of Warner Bros. Records; and more.

The course also offers a chance to give back to the community and build the next generation of music professionals. Each year, ten scholarships to take the course are offered to high school students from King/Drew High School in Compton who are interested in careers in the music industry through the Urban Fitness 911 program, a youth outreach program committed to developing important health, fitness, and academic skills.

Topics covered in the course include:

  • •Copyright and rights relating to trademarks, the right of publicity, and building the artist’s brand as a business;
  • •Negotiation of record deals and new hot bed issues, including producer deals, remixer deals, and other issues that arise in the recording studio
  • •Issues and royalty splits relating to interactive and noninteractive digital streaming (the new sales model), digital service providers, YouTube, the business of playlists, influencers, data and analytics;
  • •Overview of music publishing deals, merchandise deals, sponsorships and endorsement deals, new media, mobile apps and other new technology deals;
  • •Global trends in the recorded music industry and market drivers among different geographic regions and musical genres;
  • •Issues and agreements concerning the artist’s team of advisors including managers, attorneys, business managers, and agents;
  • •Music licensing and clearances, including TV, film, video games, and other sync uses
  • •Deals that arise in live music including festival agreements, streaming agreements, music clearances issues concerning video on demand, interactive ticketing, marketing, fan clubs and fan engagement, promoter issues, and unexpected challenges in connection with tour production and personnel; and
  • •Current events relating to the ever-changing tides of the music industry, including the ongoing legislative developments in Washington, D.C. affecting copyright reform, and their impact on the future of the business are encouraged.

The course runs from January 9th to March 20th, 2018, with classes scheduled on the UCLA campus in Dodd Hall on Tuesday nights from 7:00-10:00 PM. Registration is available at the following link: UCLA Extension Class

Dina LaPolt, Esq. is the owner of LaPolt Law, P.C., a boutique transactional entertainment law firm in Los Angeles that specializes in representing music creators, many of whom tour all over the world. She is an expert at strategizing and solving complex and sophisticated legal and business issues relating to contracts, copyrights, trademarks, rights of publicity, and litigation.

Dina gave a TED Talk recently on the importance of standing up for songwriters and her journey to becoming an advocate for creator’s rights (Ted Talk). She also served as editor of the book Building Your Artist’s Brand as a Business. In addition to practicing law, Dina serves as an activist for the broader music creator community in Washington, D.C., often becoming involved in legislative matters that affect the rights of her clients and advocating on their behalf. She is one of the attorney advisors to two music creator advocacy groups, the GRAMMY Creators Alliance and Songwriters of North America (SONA).

For the past three years, Dina has been named to Billboard’s Music’s Most Powerful Attorneys and the Hollywood Reporter’s Top Music Business Attorneys. Additionally, in 2017 she was named to Variety’s Women’s Impact Report, and in 2016, Billboard’s Women in Music, Variety’s Dealmakers Impact Report. Follow Dina on Twitter @DinaLaPolt and @LaPoltLaw.

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