The Best Ways to Travel to European Music Festivals this Summer

Music lovers from all over the world are now preparing to travel to European music festivals this season. Europe is quickly becoming the festival capital of the world, with multiple gatherings each and every weekend throughout dozens of countries in the continent. No matter which genre you’re into, what size festival you prefer, or what kind of setup, there will be (probably 20) festivals in Europe this summer to tickle your fancy. How could it ever be possible to choose which ones to attend, or how to get there?!

I know that I'm personally a bit overwhelmed with how large my European music festival bucket its is growing. If you are a traveling music lover, chances are that you feel the same way, and I am here to help you find the best ways to plan out your trip according to what you are looking for!

 Luckily, there are a few companies in the market who totally understand this struggle - the struggle with choosing, planning, and traveling to European music festivals no matter if you are coming from a different hemisphere or the country next door.

Here are some of the best companies in the market who can help you travel to European music festivals this summer in the easiest, most organized way possible, often including transportation, accommodation, and an amazing festival squad as well!

Island Beats Tour: Sonus Festival
Island Beats Tour: Sonus Festival

1. Beats Travel

: Off the Beaten Track Travel for Music + Culture

On the newer side of the tours market, Beats Travel prides itself on traveling for music. They offer boutique tours for the refined music-lover, all completely centered around Europe’s coolest and most off-the-beaten-track music festivals. They have had two amazingly successful European music festival seasons so far and show no signs of letting up!

Because Beats Travel offers tours, this means that when you sign up, everything is accounted for, for you. You won’t have to worry about getting from point A to point B (as long as you can get yourself to where the tour starts of course :P) or about booking any accommodation, because Beats travel’s festival expert guides take care of all that good stuff for you. Your tour will also by default come with an entire crew of like-minded travelers to enjoy the festival with, so whether you are a solo traveler or in a group, it;s all good!

Beats Travel also makes sure to include large doses of cultural immersion and locals-only spots as well. The guides will inform you of the area’s history as they take you to underground clubs and parties with their own resident DJ’s as well. If that doesn’t sound like a fantastic way to travel to European music festivals this summer, I don’t know what is.

Want 5% off? Use my code ‘kimmiebeats’ at checkout and use that extra cash for a couple beers on the road!

And if you do, make sure to meet me for one because your tour will likely start in or go through Croatia, where I will be spending my summer :D

EXIT Festival in Serbia with the Beats Travel crew - Solomun's sunrise set! 
EXIT Festival in Serbia with the Beats Travel crew - Solomun's sunrise set! 

Here are some of Beats Travel's best tours and festivals:

Sail Beats (NEW) - Ok guys, if some of you don't book this I'm seriously going to quit my job and go. Why? Beats have created their own floating music festival complete with their in-house DJ's and secret party locations ON BOATS IN GREECE. And right now the price starts at £375 (a massive sale! Honestly unbelievable). There are three different options varying in luxury, often including meal experiences on the islands, bottomless brunch, BBQ, massages, and even morning yoga. Oh, and when you think it can't get any better, the boats are BYOB. Like.... sold. (Book with my promo code 'kimmiebeats' here.... srsly might quit my job and see you there)

Balkan Beats - This is one of Beats' most iconic tours in the area they know like the back of their hand - the Balkans. This tour takes you through Croatia, Serbia, and Bosnia, stopping at one of Europe's most iconic festivals in a fortress, EXIT. (Learn more/Book with my promo code here)

Sea Beats - Available on its own or together with Balkan Beats, Sea Beats takes you through Croatia and to Sea Dance festival on the beautiful beaches of Montenegro. (Learn more and book here)

Island Beats - This tour takes you up the Croatian coast to one of the most legendary festival venues in Europe - Zrce Beach, Croatia - for Sonus fest. Experience different parts of this country and cool down from the festival by swimming in waterfalls. (Book with my promo code 'kimmiebeats here)

Sziget Festival, Budapest, Hungary
Sziget Festival, Budapest, Hungary

Stoke Travel

: Party Festival Travel for the Fun-Loving International

Stoke is definitely Europe’s premiere party travel company, covering pretty much all massive European festivals you could want to attend. They do mostly cultural festivals, but do music festivals as well! They have also added LOTS of new goodies to their festival products over the past few months in preparation for this summer!

Over the past few years they have shifted from doing packages for a couple of Europe’s most popular festivals to offering complete tours and all-inclusive deals to attend multiple European festivals over the course of the summer. They are best known for their camping, and including unlimited beer and sangria in many tours for 10 euro per day… if that’s not dangerous a great deal, I don’t know what is.

The Stoke Travel Passport is absolutely one of the best deals on the market to travel to European music festivals this summer. It comes with four Stoke trips for the price of three, at your own pace, whenever you want it. It covers over 20 different cultural & music festivals all over Europe, and is totally all-inclusive.

Get Your Own Stoke Passport here, and travel to all sorts of European festivals in one epic deal! (and make sure to use my promo code below!)

They have also just announced that they offer glamping for Stokies (their cute name for Stoke travelers) who prefer a bit more luxury in their lives, as opposed to a normal tent. But then again, if you travel with Stoke, chances are that you won’t spend much time in your tent anyway!! :P

Stoke not only offers festivals but also transportation from many major cities throughout Europe. So you can book a festival from London, Madrid, Paris, etc and meet a big camp of Stokies there who are all keen for a good time.

When I say Stoke offers packages for all Europe’s most popular festivals, I was not kidding. They do both music festivals and cultural festivals (like Oktoberfest, La Tomatina, San Vino, and Running with the Bulls, if you would like to call them cultural these days :P) or combinations of both. So start ticking away at your European music festival bucket list and sign up for one of Stoke’s amazing deals which will cater to any type of festie-lover, but specifically those who are looking for a bit of a lot of a party.


Use ' ADVENTURESNSUNSETS' upon checkout to get yourself some free unlimited beer & Sangria on your trip. Nope, I'm not kidding! :D 

Oktoberfest last year with Stoke. Incredible time! 
Oktoberfest last year with Stoke. Incredible time! 

Oktoberfest last year with Stoke. Incredible time! 

So Stoke has, like, a million different tour options, but I have listed some of the most epic ones below. Peruse their website and find out which tours, road trips, camping trips, festivals, or combinations thereof, is right for you!

Running of the Bulls - A must in Europe. Everyone must know this, right? Book as a day trip, book per day, or book with a ride from Madrid or Barcelona.

Oktoberfest - I went to Oktoberfest with Stoke last year and highly recommend it. Their campsite is awesome and throws some epic parties... I hardly survived, but it wouldn't be Oktoberfest if it was easy! :P  Book as a 4 Day/5 Night package, Glamping package, or book with a ride from Amsterdam, London, Barcelona, Budapest, or Prague! (Read my guide here)

SZIGET FESTIVAL, Budapest Sziget is one of the best music festivals I have ever been to, and that's saying a lot. Stoke organizes you a stay in one of Budapest's most notorious famous party hostels, and tickets to this incredible little world that comes into existance on an island in the middle of the Danube River each summer. (I made a review/guide to Sziget festival - read here!)

La Tomatina - the notorious European tomato fight!

Barcelona Boat Parties -  Stoke is based in Barcelona, so you can bet that any party they throw there is going to be one for the books. Especially if it's on a boat. They do boat parties during Sonar festival and also sunset champagne cruises.

San Vino Wine Fight - Wine fight in Spain? Yes, plz.

San Sebastian Surf Camp -   Maybe book some time here after San Vino wine fight, to recover on the beach!

Morocco Surf Camp - Morocco, surfing, and sangria.

Surf Camp, BBK Live Music Festival, and Running with the Bulls - A perfect trio, if you ask me. BBK is a sweet music festival.

Stoke Croatian Cruise - new this year.

Ibiza Beach Camp - One of Stoke's coolest options, this allows you to have (if possible) a more 'chilled-out' experience in Ibiza, basically meaning you get to stay on the beach and chill out after your long partying hours!

Royal Ascot - Going to this with Stoke guarantees a wild time.

Moroccan Magic Week - 6 days of surfing and staying in a beachside Moroccan palace


: People who want a more freestyle experience, for all festival-goers in between!

Festicket is one of the industry’s leading ticket selling platforms, who not only sell tickets for festivals but offer fantastic package deals depending on what you are looking for. They are also a reselling platform that will have tickets for sale for lots of European music festivals that are actually sold out (sometimes even Tomorrowland)!!

You can buy tons of tickets through Festicket directly, sometimes at a cheaper price too. So make sure to browse through and see what’s available!

Once you find a festival you want to go to, you can add on accommodation and transportation packages that cater to your needs. Many of the accommodation deals will come with apartments, too, for the traveler who wants a bit more private space rather than a tent or a dorm. You can get just the ticket, ticket + camping, ticket + apartment, just camping, just apartment, just hotel... etc.

Of all of these three above festival options, Festicket definitely covers the most ground. This is simply because you can buy festival tickets alone (for hundreds of fests, Europe and beyond) or you can get packages, but you don't have to. Festicket has a much larger selection of festivals than are impossible for tour companies to be able to cover. So if you have your eyes on a couple festivals that aren’t covered by tours, Festicket could be the way to go.

So, if you aren’t exactly a tour person, already have a big group, would prefer to travel to the festivals yourself, or require some more flexibility, check out Festicket’s deals - there are dozens of packages.

Or, I have listed a few below for some inspo to plan your festival schedule this summer. This is by NO MEANS exhaustive (they have HUNDREDS), but here are some of their best packages and festivals for this season:

Amsterdam Open Air 2017 - Outside in Amsterdam.

Annie Mac Presents: Lost and Found Festival 2018 - Curated by Annie Mac in Malta!

Area 4 Festival - 4 Days on the beach in Germany

Awakenings Festival 2017 - Techno in the Netherlands

Bestival 2017 - One of  UK's 'best' festivals ;)

Common People Southampton - Southhampton, UK

Creamfields - One of UK's top festivals

Dimensions Festival - Another top deep festival in Croatia

Download Festival - Europe's premiere rock festival

Electric Fields - in a castle in Scotland

Field Day - Witness an amazing lineup of music in the UK (surprise, surprise :P )

Hideout Festival - One of Croatia's top beach fests

Into the Valley - party in a gorge in Estonia

Kappa FuturFestival -   Top electronic/tech festival in Italy

Leeds Festival  - yet another top UK fest

Les Plages Electroniques Lisboa - Beach festival in Portugal

Lollapalooza Paris - The newest location for this famous fest

Lovefest - Alongside EXIT putting Serbia on the festival map

Melt Festival - If you haven't heard of this German fest held in an abandoned industrial park, click on this link... it looks incredible.

Mysteryland - Dutch festival you should definitely be going to

Parklife - In Manchester - tickets for after parties too!

Secret Garden Party - UK's best.

TOMORROWLAND - Yes, they have a Weekend 1 ticket available.

Ultra Europe - they have amazing apartment, hotel, and even yacht deals in Split.

Wireless Festival -  Top selling this year.


So, music festival travelers, I hope this has helped you gain a bit of insight to plan out your festive summer season this year. Leave a comment below to tell me what your favorite way to travel to music festivals is!!

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