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The Best Workouts for People Over 40

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Aging is a unique experience. For some, the effects will present themselves sooner rather than later, and for some who are luckier, the "aches and pains" and won't present themselves as prominently.

Either way, exercise will remain an important part of your daily routine for a handful of different reasons.
"In your 40s, it's more important than ever to pay attention to form, posture and strength," said Lisa Corsello, fitness expert and Founder of Burn Pilates in California.


The Best Workouts for People Over 40

Many, especially those who have been working out consistently over the long-term, will be able to keep up with their regular routine. But for those who are getting back into the swing of things after an extended period without exercise, or those who are just starting a new regimen for the very first time, there are a few factors you should keep in mind.

"Choose lower impact modifications when needed, but continue to challenge yourself," says Corsello. "Incorporate variety into your workouts and don't be afraid to try new things."

Not sure where to start? We consulted a handful of fitness experts (some who are part of the "over 40 crowd" themselves) to find out which types of workouts are best for continuing an effective exercise routine as you age.

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