The 6 Best Yoga Pants, According To Yoga Teachers

“I don't like to be squeezed like an orange.”
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As you begin to implement your “new year, new you” goals, you’re likely stocking your pantry with Whole 30-approved essentials and braving freezing cold temperatures to log a few early morning miles. To that we say: Go you!

Of course, crushing goals gets difficult if you don’t have the right gear — especially if that goal is fitness-related. One study found that what we wear actually affects our behavior. In other words, if we have workout clothes we love, we’re more likely to actually get ourselves to the gym or yoga studio.

To save you the time and energy of trying on a bunch of sub-par leggings, we went to the best source we know: Yoga teachers. Whether you’re into yoga pants with pockets, are looking for workout clothing brands that aren’t Lululemon or just want to add some new pieces to your workout wardrobe, we’ve rounded up six pairs of yoga teacher-approved yoga pants that will have you crushing your sun salutations every day of 2019.

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Outdoor Voices Warmup Leggings
When activewear company Outdoor Voices launched in 2012, it was an instant hit. Seven years later, and it’s still going strong. “I need something I can wear comfortably not just working out, but also when I'm running errands and meeting up with friends,” says yoga instructor and meditation teacher Kait Hurley. “My favorite brand is hands down Outdoor Voices. OV nails it every time. I love the fit and the colors. Plus, the look and doesn't feel like a major departure from my everyday wear the way other performance clothing does.”

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Manduka Essential High Line Leggings
Yoga instructor and author Sara Quiriconi says that when it comes to yoga pants, she’s all about going minimal: No pockets, skinny leg, and a mid-rise that sits below the belly button for more movement. And most important? The material has to be comfortable. “Manduka wins hands down,” she says. “I'm all about soft, comfortable fabrics that have a good fit to my body.”

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Live The Process Leggings
Live The Process
Sky Ting Yoga founder Chloe Kernaghan prefers skinny-leg, pocket-free yoga pants, but doesn’t mind the occasional chic wide-leg pant now and again. Her go-to? Live The Process. “The leggings last, have a great fit, and are super comfortable. My favorite styles are the Tuxedo and the Geometric.”

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Kira Grace Ultra High Waist Yoga Leggings
Kira Grace
Yoga instructor Kathryn Budig finds that it’s easy to get hooked by extra fabric when you’re moving in and out of different yoga poses, which is why she always opts for skinny-legged pants. More specifically, she prefers Kira Grace’s high-waisted leggings. “KiraGrace has been the most consistent as far as durability, stylishness and function,” she explains. As for why she loves the high waist? “It’s no fuss and I don’t need to worry about re-adjusting my pants or feeling like something’s hanging out.”

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Alternative Apparel Yoga Pants
Alternative Apparel
When it comes to yoga pants, Strala Yoga founder Tara Stiles likes to mix it up: Sometimes she likes a skinny fit, but she’s into relaxed sweatpants with pockets as well. “I like when leggings are super soft and are just kind of there, leaving me to do my thing,” she explains. “I don't like to be squeezed like an orange.” These days, she’s all about sustainability and choosing organic cotton brands. “I love a super simple silhouette in lots of happy color varieties like Alternative Apparel,” she says.

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We Over Me Yoga Shorts
Yoga instructor Beth Cooke says ditch the yoga pants and opt for shorts instead. “I’ve been very into yoga shorts lately — high-waisted and longer, like bike shorts.” For extra warth, she suggests layer a pair of track pants or sweatpants on top. “I love the yoga shorts from Bandier by the brand We Over Me. And if you want leggings, my favorites are the Center Stage leggings from All Access.

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