'The BFG' Movie To Be Adapted By 'E.T.' Screenwriter (VIDEO)

Oh yeah, you read that right. DreamWorks just bought the rights to "The BFG," Roald Dahl's magical tale of young Sophie (named for his model granddaughter) and her big, friendly giant friend, which was previously adapted into an animated movie for British television in 1989. The live-action production will be adapted by "E.T." screenwriter Melissa Mathison, on the heels of DreamWork's successful summer book-to-movie hit, "The Help" (which pulled the studio out of a rough patch). It's a promising fit, as the studio has helmed dreamy numbers like "Lemony Snicket" and "Sweeney Todd," and Mathison's got that whole "E.T." phenomenon behind her. Only one unresolved point stands in the way of calling this a dream come true: who's gonna play the giant?

(The Wrap via The Guardian)

WATCH a clip from the animated "BFG":

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