The Biblical Response to Kim Davis

The Rowan County Clerk in Kentucky is sitting in jail as I type because of her refusal to do her job. She appealed all the way to the US Supreme Court because she claimed her Christian faith prohibits her from having her name on the marriage licenses of marriages she doesn't personally support.

The very narrow and hypocritical way she reads scripture has been well documented by many people. And this is the only reason her multiple divorces (prohibited by scripture) are pertinent to the story.

But here's the real Biblical response to her claims.


The Bible is not the guiding document for the work of a County Clerk elected by the people of any state in our union.

The US Constitution and the constitution of the state in which they live are the only documents that matter.

It doesn't matter what scripture says. It doesn't matter what the Q'uran says. It doesn't matter what the Sutras, the Vedas, the Talmud, the Midrash, or the Institutes of Calvin say.

Because the US Constitution makes it clear that the Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion. Ms Davis is completely and totally free to attend (or not attend) any church in the land. Her church can be as welcoming or as discriminating as they choose to be. The Constitution, by prohibiting one prescribed religious expression by the state, is exactly why she is free to hold the views she has. The Constitution also protects the rest of us from her views.

There is no persecution of Christians in this country. She is not in jail because of her faith. She is in jail for a failure to do her job.

The Bible actually has lots to say about how we treat our enemies, how we offer hospitality to strangers, how we reflect God's love to the world. But none of that matters in a County Clerk's office.

This post originally appeared at Glass Overflowing.