The Biden Scenario

The Answer to Trump, Fiorina, Carson & Sanders: Draft Joe Biden & Team

Americans are angry and rightly so. Our political system has failed us. Our political leaders have failed us.

This anger has driven almost 70% of the GOP primary base to gravitate towards anti-establishment candidates. This anger has driven the Democratic primary base to run away from one of our most accomplished politicians' quest to be our first female president.

However, all of the alternatives to the politicians running for president, are a mirage at best. They can not even begin to be honest about the enormous problems, let alone have any chance of actually crafting solutions.

When other countries find themselves in serious crisis -- and make no mistake the U.S. is facing a crisis -- they come together in a unity government of technocrats to solve the problem. What we need is a leader who can bring together this team. A technocratic team. A unified team. That team will be our nation's best and brightest, composed of Democrats, Republicans and Independents. A team of politicians, business executives, nonprofit leaders and community organizers.

But who can lead that team? Who can put together this unity government?

There is a person that is thinking about entering the race, but he needs a platform to differentiate himself. I am proposing the following platform: a one term only, unity government with a new Contract for America.

Enter, Vice President, Joe Biden.

Joe and his team will work for four years and actually do the work needed to "Make America Great Again." They will make the hard but necessary choices that actual politicians fear. They will bring structural reform to help heal our crumbling institutions.

This team could include (just some ideas, who do you think would be best?):

  • Mayor Mike Bloomberg - Vice President & White House Chief of Staff
  • Secretary Hillary Clinton - Defense Secretary
  • Speaker Newt Gingrich - Speaker of the House
  • Microsoft Chairman, Bill Gates - Chief Technology Officer
  • Trump Properties CEO, Donald Trump - Treasury Secretary
  • Berkshire Hathaway CEO, Warren Buffett - Chairman of Council of Economic Advisers
  • Secretary Condoleezza Rice - Secretary of State
  • General Colin Powell - Secretary of Homeland Security
  • Amazon CEO, Jeff Bezos - Secretary of the Interior
  • Chief Justice John Roberts - Attorney General
  • Senator John McCain - Veterans Affairs
  • Governor Mitt Romney - Secretary of Commerce
  • Apple CEO Tim Cook - Secretary of Health and Human Services
  • The Reverend Jesse Jackson - Ambassador to the United Nations
  • Tesla CEO Elon Musk - Secretary of Transportation
  • StudentsFirst Founder Michelle Rhee - Secretary of Education

Their policies could include (just some ideas, what are yours?):

  • Balance the Budget - We must live within our means as a nation
  • Tax Reform - Lower rates and simplify tax code closing loopholes and corporate welfare
  • Entitlement Reform - Put Social Security and Medicare/Medicaid on track for solvency
  • Immigration Reform - We are not deporting 11 million people, they need a path to citizenship, with fines and penalties as they broke the law; in addition, our visa program for highly skilled workers needs be amended so the world's best and brightest run to our shores
  • Regulation - Eliminate non-value added regulations and create national standards
  • Campaign Finance Reform - Our democracy is not for sale
  • Gerrymandering Reform - Force all states to have independent panel draw congressional lines so every congressman doesn't compete to be the most hard line and we can compromise again
  • Gun Control - The second amendment is safe, but background checks will be enforced and loopholes to purchase will be closed

Sadly, we just need to be saved from ourselves. Joe and his team can do in four years what is necessary. Then when we have balanced our books and reformed our institutions, they can ride off into the history books as the saviours of our country and the second set of founders, helping us to build an ever more perfect union.

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