The Bidens' Greatest PDA Moments (SLIDESHOW)

This was originally posted October 7th.


It looks like Barack Obama is not the only Democratic candidate who has the major hots for his wife. When Joe Biden became Barack's running mate on August 23rd, he paused to give a shout-out to "my wife Jill, who you'll meet soon... and is drop-dead gorgeous... we share the same values. The values we had passed on to us by our parents, and the values Jill and I are passing on to our sons Beau and Hunter and [daughter] Ashley." (Jill's mother died on Sunday, and Joe canceled all campaign appearances Monday and Tuesday to be with her.) And much like the Obamas, who get a little googly-eyed around each other, the Bidens are prone to public displays of affection. Here's a look back at the couple who has been married for 31 years.


Watch Beau Biden's introduction of his dad at the DNC, in which he speaks about the tragic loss of his mother and sister to a car accident in 1972 and how "five years later, we -- my brother, dad, and I -- married my mom Jill, and they together rebuilt my family."