'The Big Bang Theory' Finale: One Relationship's End Leads To Surprise Breakthrough (VIDEO)

Penny and Leonard didn't break up on "The Big Bang Theory" finale. though Leonard did have some concerns. He's been offered an opportunity to do some work with Stephen Hawking that would see him spend several months on a boat and away from her. But Penny was simply supportive of him.

Unfortunately, the break-up bug did still strike. After pressuring her too much, Lucy called it quits with Raj. Nevertheless, losing her provided Raj a breakthrough that's been a very long time coming.

Penny dropped by to comfort him, and Raj was distraught. When he was getting down on himself, Penny told him it was just the booze talking. Remember that Raj has to be drinking in order to be able to talk to girls.

"No, it’s not," he said. "I haven’t had a drink since last night.”

Without even realizing it, he was talking to Penny without having had a drop to drink. His own social anxiety had been inexplicably cured. The surprise cure caught Entertainment Weekly off guard. "What does this mean for the show going forward? If Raj is really somehow cured of his selective mutism, I will miss the comedy that always comes with him whispering in Howard’s ear. But maybe after six seasons, it was time for this change for Raj; maybe his can’t-talk-to-women comedy has run its course," EW's Emily Rome wrote. thought it was inevitable, and would probably open the show to new comedic territory. The writers already tapped into the possibilities by having Raj talking incessantly to all three women in the closing scene. They were horrified by his nonstop jabber. It was so relentless, he even continued talking over the music and the closing credits.

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