'The Big Bang Theory' Addresses Leonard's Mommy Issues With Christine Baranski Cameo (VIDEO)

Leonard just can't escape his mother. On the latest episode of "The Big Bang Theory," Penny found herself reading his mother's book, "The Disappointing Child," for her psychology class. The book was filled with embarrassing anecdotes about Leonard's childhood. It was humiliating and horrifying for Leonard, which left him upset and depressed.

When he found out, though, that Penny would kind of give him everything he wanted while he was morose, Leonard decided to milk it a little bit. Only Penny caught on to his little scheme, and so she cooked up one of her own.

Leonard came over to find Penny in a sexy negligee. "I wanted to make you feel better, so I planned something very special for you," she told him. But, as Leonard began taking his pants off, Penny turned her laptop. There, on the screen, was Leonard's mother, Beverly.

“Hello, Leonard," Beverly said. "Let’s discuss why you continue to involve me in your sex life.”

Zap2It's Billy Nilles admitted to being a little disappointed that Christine Baranski's guest spot was just that "throw away" video chat. Perhaps she was too busy over on "The Good Wife" for a proper visit. But, the AV Club's Oliver Sava still appreciated it, calling the cameo "a great conclusion to one of the strongest plots Leonard and Penny have ever had.”

New episodes of "The Big Bang Theory" air every Thursday night at 8 p.m. ET on CBS.

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