'The Big Lie': 9/11 Truther Comic Book To Be Released (VIDEO)

9/11 Truther Comic Book To Be Released In September

Image Comics, one of the largest comic book publishers in the United States, is known for series like Spawn, The Walking Dead, and Savage Dragon. Now they are adding a controversial new title to their pantheon: a 9/11 Truther comic called The Big Lie.

Written by Rick Veitch and Gary Erskine, The Big Lie revolves around a particle physicist who travels back in time to warn her husband, who died on September 11.

USA Today describes the plot:

She rushes to his office at a risk-management consulting agency, but since she has aged 10 years, Carl can't quite accept that it's her. And even though she brings evidence on her iPad, neither her spouse nor his co-workers believe her warnings.

"The meat of the story is her trying to convince these 'experts' that the terrorist attack is about to happen," Veitch says. "So it's essentially a taut emotional drama with the facts and questions surrounding 9/11 sewed into it."

Veitch tells USA Today that he didn't consider himself a Truther, but says that he's skeptical of any “official” version of events provided by the government.

"Reading the 9/11 Commission Report, it's pretty clear that a lot of important evidence about the lead-up to the attacks and the collapse of the towers was ignored or glossed over," Veitch says. "And I'm pretty angry about the aftermath: how Iraq was invaded based on false intelligence and the occupation mismanaged resulting in over 100,000 civilian deaths."

"If one scratches the surface of the commission report, one finds huge holes in the official story. There's also a lot of disinformation out there and oddball conspiracy theories that need to be debunked. People who are paying attention are asking for a real in-depth investigation into all these nagging questions. That's what our book is all about."

The series was originally conceived of by Brian Romanoff, who set up Truth Be Told Comics in order to help raise funds to pay for the comic. He also runs the 9/11 Truther site NorCalTruth.org.

“It is in the name of truth and justice for the victims of 9/11 and their family members, that we are committed to sharing the truth about what occurred on September 11th. Truth Be Told Comics (TBT) was formed to facilitate the project of getting critical 9/11 information before the huge number of comic readers across America and the world,” Romanoff writes on the Truth Be Told site.

“Our goal is to present the most obvious elements of the 9/11 crimes and cover-up: the multiple advanced warnings, the multiple war-games on the day of, our missing air defense system, the demolitions of the WTC towers, 9/11 Commission Report and more.”

Visit USA Today to see some of the first pages of the comic, which will be released September 7.

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