THE BIG SHAKE UP: August Lunar and Solar Eclipses 2017

THE BIG SHAKE UP: August Lunar and Solar Eclipses 2017
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Total Solar Eclipse

The dizzying news cycle of who is in and who is out accompanied by enflamed (to say the least) language is a mild prelude to the eclipse influences of August. Eclipses shake things up. The month begins with a partial Lunar eclipse on August 7 and then a total Solar Eclipse on August 21.

Eclipses do not necessarily auger doom but they are never neutral or complacent. In an individual’s natal chart the effects of an eclipse depend on how close the eclipse degrees are to a personal planet. If you have a “direct hit,” the eclipses initiate a time of change. For nations and their leaders the eclipses can be auspicious or extremely challenging. For the USA and our current leader these eclipses will be challenging.

Let’s look at the first eclipse: A lunar eclipse occurs when the earth cuts off the light of the sun from the Moon depriving her of the usual bright illumination but still showing a shadow. Lunar eclipses always occur at the Full Moon. The lunar eclipse on August 7 at 15 degrees of Aquarius will affect us more emotionally and encourages people to align feeling and action. The Moon sign for the USA chart is Aquarius and although the eclipse does not make a direct connection the Aquarian love of freedom, equality, and individuality will aid many of the groups seeking rights and legitimacy. For an exact picture of the eclipse path go to

The August 21 eclipse, now dubbed The Great American Solar Eclipse, is the juicier event. I heard recently that all hotels in the path of totality have been sold out for months. We now know a lot more about eclipses but still the mystery of the day darkening as the Moon and Earth stand between the Sun is a primitive thrill that puts life on earth within a cosmic perspective. The city which will have the best view is Carbondale, Illinois; the University there has opened their football stadium so viewers can congregate. Awesome!

And what does this eclipse mean? The eclipse is exactly at 28 degrees 53 minutes of Leo. This corresponds to the fixed star Regulus which in ancient times was called the Royal Watcher of the North. When in a natal chart this star denotes a highly placed person of great power who, however, can become embroiled in vendettas and seeking vengeance and thus will fall from his high position. President Trump has this star position prominently in his chart. I don’t expect anything significant to occur on August 21 but time will tell. This eclipse is not an auspicious event for his presidency.

The solar eclipse will also occur during a retrograde Mercury. Most star followers understand that this is a time period that confuses communications. On top of the high octane energy of the eclipse I predict a very fractious month. We will be saying “I don’t believe it,” frequently.

My advice is to keep very centered throughout August. There is a lot of cosmic activity and as an ancient seer said: As above so below. August is a month to keep cool, walk by the water, and watch.

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