'The Big Sick' Trailer Makes A Leading Man Out Of Kumail Nanjiani

The sweet comedy opens in June.

One of Hollywood’s better decisions in recent years is making Kumail Nanjiani a leading man. In the semi-autobiographical “The Big Sick,” Nanjiani plays a Pakistan-born comedian whose family wants him to marry a nice Muslim girl. Instead, he beings dating a white grad student (Zoe Kazan), forcing him to hide the relationship. On top of that, she falls ill and he must deal with her parents (Holly Hunter and Ray Romano), who’ve come to town to care for their daughter. 

I spent a day on the set of “The Big Sick” and saw the finished product at the Sundance Film Festival. It’s lovely. Nanjiani, best known for “Silicon Valley” and funny tweets, really is a star, so mark your calendar. He co-wrote the movie with his wife, Emily V. Gordon. It opens in limited release June 23 and expands nationwide in July.