Ana Ayora Talks About Love, Family, And Nude Scene In 'The Big Wedding' (VIDEO)

WATCH: Ana Ayora Bares It All In 'The Big Wedding'

By Ikam Acosta


Ana Ayora, who plays Nuria Soto in The Big Wedding, recently opened up about her role in the film, as well as the film’s message on non-traditional family dynamics and the different concepts of love families may have.

This movie definitely challenges the traditional ideas of love and family. Ayora shared,

“It’s refreshing after so many years and centuries to be able to see a different perspective on love and family, you know? The openness of it. At the end of the day, there is no boundary and everybody has a different language of love, and I think that’s very much present in this film.”

Ana‘s character went through her own romantic transitional feelings of love and attraction towards her man of interest (played by Topher Grace) as the film went on. She said,

“There is that initial sense of attraction. I see him, and there is that attraction. I’m very determined that he is what I want as soon as we do meet. Then there’s that period of comfort to see how much is it that I can really get away with. Also, it being the first time in the United States for me plays a role in how much I can push those boundaries. Until, finally, there is that mutual sense of connection, and then the love evolves.”

Ana‘s movie mom (played by Patricia Rae) was initially portrayed as a by-the-book Catholic, but then she drops a bomb on Nuria’s brother Alejandro (played by Ben Barnes), who she gave up for adoption some years back, letting him know that their family was just as wacky as any other family, including the one he got adopted into.

“I don’t wanna give it away, but there is definitely a secret that shows that what you think is the reality in life really isn’t. There is really so much more that we don’t see or that we don’t know. In fact [my character] grew up not knowing the secret either. In fact, it’s what finally breaks down the boundaries of [my movie mom and brother's] relationship and allows them to connect. It creates relatability, you know?”

As far as what audiences can expect from the film, Ana says,

“The audience can expect a lot of laughter and maybe some tears, and a little warm feeling in the heart. I think it’s a very feel-good movie. I think people can walk away from the experience with not only a nice belly laugh, but also a larger sense of meaning of love and family, and maybe refocusing your own love and family in your own life.”

Ana had to prepare to play a recent immigrant to the US, even though she is Latina in real life. Nuria has a heavy accent, which Ana doesn’t have in real life. Ana commented,

“I had to prepare a different character, even though Nuria is essentially another version of me.”

As far as other daring behaviors on Nuria’s part, like jumping into a lake naked, Ana shared,

“There was definitely a little bit of anxiousness, but that was Nuria. Nuria wouldn’t hesitate, so I didn’t hesitate.”

If you want to see a touching film with lots of laughs that will challenge your notions of what the traditional family ought to consist of, don’t miss The Big Wedding.

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