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The Biggest Human Dis-ease

We have the ability to give ourselves the love we need, the validation we search for and the fulfillment we long for. All of these things are put to ease when we learn to please our truest needs!
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We are all looking OUTSIDE of ourselves for a cure, a cure for the power we have unknowingly given away. We look to our parents to approve of us, our perfect body to validate us, our job to fulfill us and our stuff to complete us. When you think about the word dis-ease it means that we are experiencing symptoms that tell us we are not at ease within ourselves. As a spiritual coach I teach my clients many different practices and principles of self healing because that is what we have forgotten most. Our dis-ease shows up as many different symptoms. We are unsatisfied, insecure, have indigestion, constipation, migraines, anxiety, co-dependency, can't concentrate or feel lost, lonely or confused.

The greatest realization I ever had on my own journey of self healing was the understanding of how I could actually heal some of my own dis-ease. I would work on the physical aspects and that would feed into the emotional and on and on like a perfectly engineered machine of oneness.

It is my belief that we are all born knowing that we are love-able, unique expressions of the divine. We are babies who were born to love and be loved and we knew it. We did not worry about not being enough or that there was anything wrong with us. We would cry and get fed, smile and get hugged, coo and get applause. As we start to experience our family dynamic, socialization and disharmony in our world, we begin to forget who we truly are. We begin to experience fear, fear that we are not safe, are not enough and in many ways can not survive as we are. We begin to receive messages that there is something wrong with us or we don't fit in. We can't please a parent or a sibling or a teacher just the way that we are. We are not receiving the kind of love that we feel we need or deserve. These experiences make us believe that maybe we are unworthy, for if we were worthy, we would receive the love that we need.

Fear makes us believe that we are not enough just as we are and we must make a change and fix ourselves. We start to trade in our intuition and adopt what we think others want us to do. We let go of our morals or standards so that our boyfriend or girlfriend doesn't leave us. We start to change our appearance so that we continue to receive attention, sometimes to the extreme. We eat a different way than our body needs so that we can be part of a trend. We may choose a career so that we can have security rather than Joy. We are making ourselves mentally, physically and emotionally sick because we have forgotten our own innate perfection.

As a teenager I remember going through a really difficult emotional process. I was searching for a consistent confirmation that I was good enough and that it was ok to fully embrace who I truly was authentically. That confirmation never came. I can remember praying to God every day and night asking to be given this validation that I needed so that I could finally own my truth and live freely. That confirmation never came and it never came because I was looking in the wrong place.

Like a lot of people, I was looking to my peer group, my success level, my bank account and my boyfriend for the deep acknowledgement that I was all good. The magic of this process is that I finally got to see that it could never be found in any of those places because it had to be found within me.

The universe supports our empowerment, not our external search for truth. You see if I were to be satisfied with someone else's opinion of me then I would forever be dependent and unstable. Opinions are ever changing, boyfriends, jobs, friends and standards are ever changing. There is no stability in anything external and the one thing that will never change is you inner guidance. Your inner voice that tells you how you feel, what is right for you morally, what tastes good to you, what you prefer and desire and what will bring you back into balance. This guidance gets restored when we STOP putting other people or things above it. We no longer need to look outside to survive. We have our own inner wise guide inside.

When I made the leap from external need, I began to internally receive. I received all the messages I needed for my own wellbeing. The dis-ease I experienced over years and years of searching was finally healing. My body was out of whack because I was listening less to what it needed and more to what I thought it should need. My mind was confused because I was listening to opinions that did not harmonize with my own. My emotions were on a roller coaster ride of pleasing this persons standard and that persons ideal but never owning my own real.

The past couple of years have been the best of my life simply because I have come home to my own inner ease. It may take awhile for you to restore your own wellness but the minute you choose YOU, the process begins. I now experience that freedom I was always searching for outside of me. I found it by constantly living in alignment with my own body, mind and soul. I hear the messages of my heart and I give it what it needs no questions asked.

We have the ability to give ourselves the love we need, the validation we search for and the fulfillment we long for. All of these things are put to ease when we learn to please our truest needs!

I wish you all a healthy and happy journey to self healing!