The Biggest Landowners In America: The Land Report (PHOTOS)

PHOTOS: The 10 Biggest Landowners In America

America's new land barons may surprise you. For the fourth time, media mogul Ted Turner tops The Land Report's annual list of the biggest landowners in America.

While Turner's long been noted for his conservation -- he owns the world's largest private Buffalo herd, The Land Report notes -- there are more than a few ranching and timber companies represented on this year's list. Also making the list: Turner's fellow media titan John Malone, the CEO of Liberty Media, who ranks fifth this year after a purchase of the 290,000-acre Bell Ranch in New Mexico.

Who else made the list? Check out The Land Report's top 10 largest landowners in America -- and visit their site for more information:

9. Reed Family

America's Biggest Landowners

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