'The Biggest Loser': Dolvett Can't Take The Attitude, Kicks One Contestant Out Of The Gym (VIDEO)

In an episode of "The Biggest Loser" (Tue., 10 p.m. EST on NBC) jam-packed and shortened to one hour to make room for the "State of the Union Address," one team found itself locked out of the gym for a week. But they weren't the only ones for whom the gym became forbidden, as one contestant's attitude cost them access as well.

Conda Britt has been exhibiting attitude since "Day One" on campus, apparently as some sort of defense mechanism to keep from being vulnerable. But she finally reached trainer Dolvett Quince's ceiling of tolerance as she started cursing at him and having a smart comment for everything he said to her. In his mind, it makes it look like she's just not taking the experience seriously enough. Their talk and the subsequent swallowing of her pride and apology were the only moments of character growth or emotion the show had time for.

Otherwise, it rushed through a challenge that saw Bob's Black Team get every single question about nutrition wrong, thus slowing them down enough to give the Red Team a victory. Dolvett's Red Team got two out of five right, which isn't very good either. A little bit of time was spent on Chris Pickler's emotional breakdown early in the week -- she said at that point she wanted to go home.

Those words would come back to haunt her as the Red Team took advantage of having gym access to smoke the Black Team in the gym. Conda came through big-time for her team, with a 10-pound weight loss. Maybe if she can get that chip off her shoulder, she could become someone the audience could get behind and support.

Very little time this week was spent on Gail's continuing inability to give a full effort, but it had been emphasized enough in prior episodes that it was no surprise she got a lot of votes. The rest of the votes went to Chris for almost quitting, but it was Gail who was eliminated by one vote; her ouster coming on the heels of her daughter's elimination last week.

At home, she discovered a hip injury, but remains focused on continuing her weight loss and not only proving Bob wrong, but having him be proud of her accomplishments as well.

"The Biggest Loser" continues Tuesdays at 8 p.m. EST on NBC.

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