'The Biggest Loser': Gina Faces Her Fears While Being Closed Inside A Casket (VIDEO)

This week, the contestants were forced to face their fears on "The Biggest Loser." For Gina, that meant spending 20 minutes locked inside a coffin. Joe had to face his fear of sharks, while Danni got up on a stage and sang in front of people. But it was Gina who had a breakthrough while conquering her claustrophobia.

Jillian Michaels thought the coffin was appropriate because she said the show is what's standing between Gina and an early grave. It's because Gina has tried to quit the show countless times already, only to be talked down by one of the trainers, that this was an appropriate exercise.

It worked, too, as Gina found a new appreciation -- very late in the game -- for the opportunity being presented to her. Gossip & Gab couldn't believe it took getting locked into a coffin for her to get it. But Buddy TV was proud of the progress she's made over the past weeks.

Jeff and Jackson spent the week off campus, living apart in a house. Nevertheless, everyone had great numbers on the scale. Gina was lucky to get immunity, because she had great numbers but still had the lowest percent of weight lost in the house. As the biggest loser so far this season, she would have surely been eliminated.

As it was, Jackson fell below with Alex and it was Alex who got the boot. She, however, went home and absolutely killed it on her own. And then there were five. And those five made it to "Makeover Week!"

See their transformations on "The Biggest Loser," kicking off next Monday at 8 p.m. EST on NBC.

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