'The Biggest Loser': Gina Faces A Personal Milestone When Her Husband Comes For A Visit (VIDEO)

It was a milestone of a different sort for Gina on "The Biggest Loser." The oldest -- and smallest -- contestant on campus has continued to impress with big numbers on the scale, but she's struggled with confidence. But when Danni granted her the opportunity to see her husband, he brought something that proved to be the kind of confidence booster you can't get in the gym.

Gina admitted that she'd gained more than 100 pounds since her wedding, and that one of the casualties of her weight gain was her wedding ring. It got to the point that it simply didn't fit anymore. With his visit to The Ranch, her husband brought the ring to see if she'd lost enough that it would fit.

She had and it did. "The idea that I got to a point where I couldn’t wear it? How shameful," Gina said. "I forgot how good it feels to wear it, and to look down at it and think about, and think about him."

And she did it again on the scale, dropping another nine pounds and coming in as the biggest loser of the week. Francelina, who gained a two-pound advantage at the season's first temptation, found herself in the bottom two alongside Michael. In the end, it was Michael who saw his journey on The Ranch come to an end. That said, he's working out hard at home to try and win that $100,000 "at-home" prize.

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