'The Biggest Loser': No More Second Chances As Ruben Studdard Is Eliminated Again (VIDEO)

Despite being the biggest person on "The Biggest Loser" Ranch, Ruben Studdard has struggled week after week to pull big numbers. He'd already been sent home once. Since then, his team has been pulling him up. This week, however, the entire Red Team struggled on the scale.

With only two pounds lost. it was Ruben's second time to say goodbye. "This is just a great beginning. It really showed me that I can do anything I want to if I put my mind to it," he said. "There are so many things that lead to us leaving this earth prematurely. I don’t want health problems to be one of those.”

He promised viewers that he'll always be the "Velvet Teddybear," but without so much stuffing. Wetpaint's Ryan Gajewski was impressed with Ruben's 70-pound weight loss, but brought up again the controversy surrounding his return to the show earlier this season.

Ruben got a second chance after producers nullified the weigh-in that eliminated him. They said that Jillian Michaels broke the rules by giving her team caffeine supplements prior to that weigh-in. Michaels hinted on Twitter that this may have just been a ploy to get the "American Idol" alum back on the show.

"The Biggest Loser" airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. EST on NBC.

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