The Biggest Loser

The sting of defeat.
The sting of defeat.

Donald Trump may have accomplished the biggest upset in political history, but Hillary Clinton is far from the biggest loser - America is.

Trump ran as an outsider, who on the surface seemed to challenge the collective political establishment. He broke every rule and seldom apologized for his inflammatory and divisive rhetoric, almost never showing true contrition. He took pride in being an inexperienced politician, but like a politician, spun his inexperience to represent a political asset. He touted his fresh perspective, framing himself as a straight-talking magnate who gained enormous success through sheer force.

At every turn, appearing to be down and out, in life or the political arena, Trump seems to consistently triumph. In spite of multiple bankruptcies, civil suits, marriages, and even after arguably losing all three presidential debates, America is preparing to swear in Donald J. Trump as its 45th president.

Trump’s success however, comes at the expense of many well-established American values, which include civility, tolerance, and of immediate importance, the celebration of diversity and multiculturalism. America was founded as a melting pot of diverse immigrants. Though many were of European descent early on, America has resolved to honor a rich history of multiculturalism. Early settlers differed vastly in culture, complexion, religion, and wealth. Many did not speak the same language or dialect, yet the very thing that separated them, their ethnicity, also bound them. The autonomy to live, work, and worship freely without unwarranted or undue influence from an oppressive central government seemed to unite a group of people who otherwise were socially and culturally distinct.

Trump’s victory challenges the very idea of a diverse, multicultural America. Trump ran a negative campaign that actively engaged in sexist, racist, and xenophobic tactics. Trump often incited and encouraged violence against any group that did not support his candidacy, literally alienating anyone who did not look like him. He spoke negatively about African-Americans, Latino-Americans, Asian-Americans, and Muslim-Americans. He has mocked Americans with disabilities, shown little tolerance toward the LGBT community, and seems to support a misogynistic worldview. To make matters worse, when confronted about his reprehensible remarks, he often doubles down without hesitation.

Nearly 60 million Americans have just elected a racist, sexist, bigot - or at the very least, a person playing that character - which is far more telling of America’s values than Trump’s. Those who supported Trump’s candidacy have spoken; multiculturalism, tolerance, and civility are no longer American values to be championed.

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