The Biggest Losers

Stars of The Biggest Losers
Stars of The Biggest Losers

Donald Trump conned (a popular vote minority) of the voters to make him president, largely through starring on the reality show “Celebrity Apprentice.”

Now Trump and his new best friend Paul Ryan have a new reality show—Call it “The Biggest Losers.”

After Ryan and his Republican colleagues spent seven years (and over 60 votes) calling for the repeal of the Affordable Care Act, and after Trump called for its repeal in virtually every campaign rally for a year, their heartless attempt to take health insurance way from 24 million Americans in order to save the top 1 percent hundreds of millions in taxes didn’t even make to House vote.

And who are the biggest winners? The millions of Americans whose health and lives will be saved; and the masses of people who demonstrated at Town Hall meetings and Congressional Offices and made tens of thousands of phone calls demanding that the ACA not be repealed.

<em>The Biggest Winners</em>
The Biggest Winners

It’s a dramatic demonstration that mass popular action can make a “Yuge” difference.

This is the second straight win for the resistance movement and the second straight loss for Trump and his Congressional Republican allies, after the resistance, along with state Attorney Generals and the courts, put a stop to Trump’s Muslim ban.

Trump has shown himself to be a paper tiger, unable to use his muscle to convince House members from his own party to support his and Ryan’s signature legislation. So much for the self-proclaimed best deal-maker in the world.

This will only weaken Trump and the Republicans and strengthen and embolden the Resistance.

Next up for the Resistance in the next few weeks: Demonstrate at the homes and offices of Democratic Senators demanding that they filibuster the Supreme Court nomination of right-wing judge Neil Gorsuch, who was handed to Trump by the Koch Brothers financed Federalist Society.

The Resistance must make clear that any Democratic Senator who doesn’t vote to filibuster Gorsuch will face a primary challenge.

And it must make clear to Chuck Schumer that he must let potentially defecting Democrats know that they will face consequences from the Democratic leadership, like loss of plum committee appointments, if they defect. Schumer can’t have it both ways, calling for a filibuster and then letting 8 or more Senate Democrats vote to break the filibuster.

The Resistance movement has the power to increase its influence as the Biggest Winners and ensure that Trump, Ryan and their ilk continue their streak as the Biggest Losers.

In the end, the real winners are the American people