The Biggest Threat to Democracy is... Democracy itself

There are two significant points to consider from the U.S election. The first is that the old establishment (the Democratic and Republican Parties) has collapsed. The second is: In a blink of an eye, the new white nationalist establishment is nearly already completed. The upshot is that the uneducated white country folk have recaptured their version of the US through the very man who spent his life creating their own disenfranchisement.

The man who was most worthy of representing the average American was Bernie Sanders. The Clinton neoliberal machine spent more time going after Bernie than Trump. And, in the process, were blinded by obsessive pride, what the Greeks called “hubris”. The Clinton campaign gambled by choosing a stability “centralist” strategy, and, in the process, failed to connect to the real problems confronting Americans: underemployment, record surmounting enslavement to banks (debt), lack of opportunities all leading to intractable hopelessness, racism, xenophobia and fear. Interestingly, Trump’s last campaign commercial basically plagiarized Bernie Sanders platform verbatim.

So now we confront the real problem. The very people in need of a revolution against the financial coup d’état of the 1% chose the only candidate who most closely appeared to represent their desire to redress their dire circumstances. Certainly Clinton wasn’t interested in changing anything, quit the opposite.

But the real problem is that Trump already has blood on his hands—his business and social track record are incongruous with what America needs. In other words, unless Trump has an instant conversion to sympathizing with the real desires Americans have (and there’s no sign of that), then the verdict is clear: The US electoral system, the locus classicus of modern democracy, has failed horrifically.

The process designed to vent the will of the people (elections) has been thwarted through the very process itself. The take away point is that although this event has already been falsely dubbed a “revolution”, it is in fact only a ruse for what is really needed—the democratizing of the electoral process itself. And now, the world will suffer from the hypocrisy of fake “democracy”.

Who would have thought that the biggest threat to democracy was not in fact terrorism (an external enemy) but the democratic electoral process itself (a systematic enemy from within)? Welcome to the apocalypse American style.

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