The Blessing and Dangers of Vacation

People like vacations. They dream about going on vacation. It sure is enjoyable, but it carries hidden dangers that should be taken into account.

The joys of vacation could hide from view threats or opportunities that should not be ignored. If you are preoccupied with some innovation, some creative output you are struggling with, vacation will be the time when it will be resolved.

A vacation can be a blessing and a threat. All coins have two sides.

How come?

Energy is fixed at any point in time. If you spend it on item X you have less energy for item Y.

What happens if you have a problematic marriage, or a place of work you hate?

Many people escape from dealing with the problem by getting intensely over engaged in something else. All energy is devoted to that something else and no energy is left to deal with the problem.

It is called an escape.

For example, in a painful marriage the spouses find solace in work or in an illicit relationship. All energy is dedicated to it and no energy is left to deal with the marriage.

And what happens when we go on vacation?

Now all at once energy that was dedicated to the escape, to work, to the illicit relationship, gets freed and one cannot avoid facing the problem and dealing with it.

I find that the decision to get married, get divorced, quit one's job, make a major strategic disruptive decision, are all done during vacation.

That is the time when a major commitment is made to innovate, to start a business, or to close a business.

Vacation time is when major disruptive decisions are made and not all of them are constructive. Instead of working on a relationship gone sour, a person might spend the vacation brooding how to get out of the relationship. Or, on a positive note, it is the time when a person garners the courage to make the move and say "I do" and make the commitment to get married.

If you have a dissatisfied employee, be ready. After his or her vacation they might submit their resignation.

In a problematic marriage if one of the partners goes by herself or himself on vacation, there is a good chance upon returning they will ask for a divorce or request some other major change.

And on a positive note, if your partner is doubting whether to make the commitment of life time, to accept or make the decision to get married, take them on vacation. For most that will probably be the time when they will decide.

Vacations are disruptive in multiple ways. They are not only disruptive to workflow. They might disrupt your life in more ways than one. Some are a blessing. Some may be a blessing in disguise or a source of an outright major crisis.

Just thinking.