The Blizzard of '78

The Blizzard of '78
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So Winter Storm Juno is upon us. Or is it #BlizzardOf2015? Whatever we call it, it cannot possibly compete with The Blizzard of '78, the legendary Nor'easter of my childhood that shut down all of New England for a week. Yes, this 2015 snowfall may close the schools and strangle commuters, but The Blizzard of '78 had something that this storm can't match: A Freezy Headache* unsurpassed in history.

*For purposes of clarity, a Freezy Headache is a Boston-area** regionalism which in some areas of the U.S. is called a "brain freeze" or even an "ice-cream headache.")

**it is quite possible that this regionalism is limited to the town of Norwood, Massachusetts, or perhaps just the neighborhood on the corner of Lincoln and Prospect St.

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