The Blood and the Spirit

The Blood and the Spirit serve different functions.

The Blood brought us forgiveness. The Spirit brought us new life and present-day counsel.

Some hijack the Blood in an attempt to inspire godliness: "Maybe if we teach them they're not forgiven yet, at least until they ask, then they will sin less?"

Think about that one: Will we sin less believing we just have to fire up a quick "Will you forgive me?" (with a promised "Yes" in response) versus believing we're already forgiven?

Let's face the truth.
Godliness is a work of the Spirit, after the Blood has done its work.

The degree to which we choose to walk by God's Spirit certainly determines the quality of our attitudes and actions. Our walk also determines many of the earthly consequences we endure.

However, our walk and our works do not determine the effect of the Blood.
The effect of the Blood has already been worked, "once for all", in every child of God.

So let's be honest and accurate about the full power of the Blood.
And let's present ourselves to God's Spirit who always inspires godly conduct.

But watering down the Blood to inspire godliness is never God's way.