The boat graveyard

I live in a little sailing village in Miami called Coconut Grove. After Hurricane Irma passed through in September, we had dozens, probably hundreds of boats sink offshore. Not just little dinghies, but expensive yachts.

For a couple of months now, the army corps or engineers or one of those groups have been lifting the boats from their sunken graves in Biscayne Bay or the area near the Grove we call Sailboat Bay and they have been sitting in this graveyard right across from million dollar condos. Very surreal.

It’s ugly, yet beautiful in a way.

I took some videos of the boats and other things right after Irma passed in September, you can see those here. But right below are some photos and a small video of the graveyard taken today.

Read Tom Falco’s Tomversation blog for his take on art, history and more.

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