'Dude Perfect' Sinks Basketball Trick Shot Using A Baseball Bat Dubbed 'The Boom Stick' (VIDEO)

The Dude Perfect crew is known for its videos of insane basketball trick shots, but the group's latest example of basketball wizardry was sick enough to score a spot on SportsCenter's Top Ten on Wednesday.

Shot at the home field of the Frisco RoughRiders, the double-A affiliate of the Texas Rangers, the video begins with a member of the group declaring his baseball bat "The Boom Stick." The man then proceeds to hit a basketball off a tee. Amazingly, he manages to sink the shot all the way from the outfield seats.

Dude Perfect's videos have gained a following on YouTube and Twitter, and the crew even has a mobile game. Some of the group's other creative feats include the use of the "world's largest slingshot" and the Goodyear blimp.