'The Boy Kings': 13 Uncomfortable Revelations About Facebook's Early Days

Wild trips to Las Vegas, a "master password" that unlocked any Facebook account and hidden profiles for unregistered users are just a few Facebook secrets revealed this week thanks to Katherine Losse's new tell-all book, "The Boys Kings: A Journey into the Heart of the Social Network."

The former Facebook employee's book chronicles her experience at the social network from 2005 through 2010, and describes the company from an insider's perspective.

Losse was the 51st employee hired, and, at one point in her career at Facebook, served as Mark Zuckerberg's ghostwriter, putting her in close proximity with the executive and privy to the inner workings of Facebook. She experienced both enjoyable and frustrating moments while working at the social network, and describes lavish parties, secret customs, and even instances of sexual discrimination that occurred within the Facebook "fraternity."

Below are 13 revelations about Facebook's early days recounted in "The Boy Kings".

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