'The Boyfriend Log' App Will Tell You When Your Relationship Is Working -- And When It Isn't

This App Will Tell You When Your Relationship Is Working -- And When It Isn't

When the bad days outnumber the good ones in a romantic relationship, it's time to think about a change.

The Boyfriend Log, a new app from Dream It Green, LLC., allows users to track how they feel in their relationship on a day-to-day basis. Users keep a daily log of how they are feeling in their relationship, choosing from "amazing," "happy," "flat," "sad," or "angry," thus color-coding each journal entry and making it easy to see how happy they are in a relationship over time. The app allows you to track multiple relationships, making it user-friendly for anyone involved with more than one person, or tracking friendships alongside romantic relationships. The Girlfriend Log, a version for men and for women who date women, will be available within the month.

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Linda Sivertsen, author of Generation Green and Lives Charmed, developed the app after reflecting on her own romantic experiences and failed relationships.

When Sivertsen got married age 23, she kept a journal on her computer detailing how she felt in her relationship, but would often erase negative entries after the fact. After her divorce, she began a new diary when she started dating again -- this time with no take-backs. "I promised myself I'd never again miss a day," Sivertsen told The Huffington Post in an email. "I'd force myself to record how I was feeling and what was really going on no matter how much I wanted to whitewash."

When a new relationship went south, Sivertsen looked for patterns in her diary:

I'd look at the text in my diary and get lost. So much good, but so much sadness, anger. I knew there were patterns, but I couldn't decipher them. Until I thought to color code the days. That's when my patterns, our patterns, became crystal clear. In living color I saw that the romance was all but dead, he barely showed up for me, and hadn't in a long time. The only good days (green) were on weekends, and those lessened too. The ocean of blue days (sad) staring me in the face was impossible to ignore.

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Sivertsen financed the app herself, and launched it with the hope of helping other women understand important patterns in their relationships and recognize when things might not be working out.

While the quality of an important relationship can't necessarily be boiled down to color-coded days on a calendar, this is an easy and interesting way to keep track of your day-to-day feelings about special people in your life.

Ultimately, Sivertsen considers the app a tool that can empower women.

"Rather than falling in love with the look of something or the story we tell ourselves, I'm hoping young women learn to take care of themselves early on," she told HuffPost. "That [way], they never have to wake up in midlife realizing they left their feelings in the hands of someone who wasn't equipped."

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