The Boys Are Back In Town

On nights I can't find a band to inspire me another destination is The Garden of Eden, a clothing optional club, an open rooftop bar downtown Key West. But not for the obvious reason. I have no interest in soaking up the sights. I've danced there many a night but I've never removed a stitch of clothing and I never will and mostly I keep my eyes closed. Also my friend Cory is the DJ and he selects the grooviest of tunes until the roosters crow.

My routine is to place myself in front of a giant speaker, as if it was my dance partner. I like to think of this as "cardio". Occasionally, while dancing, I'll open my eyes and stare upward at the stars flickering in the gloriously salty warm night air.

Recklessly one evening I opened my eyes to notice a couple of men watching me. I could have let them be but their discomfort ignited a mischievousness and I couldn't resist toying.

Come on lame-os! I mocked, beckoning for them to join me.

Did you call us lame-os? The taller one asked, looking shocked.

Yes, now get out here.

And they did! They were rusty but they were happy and I was pleased for them, at least they were away from their Cheetos and beer strewn "mancaves".

This coming weekend, hallelujah, my plans are etched in kryptonite. The best band in the world, Xperimento, is playing at the best bar in the world, the Green Parrot.

Locals see you on the dance floor. Tourists don't miss out on the magical music and out-of-towners please follow the fun on the Green Parrot webcam. Tomorrow Friday 5:30pm until Sunday 2am. I'll be there.