The Braced Squat: Ultimate Core Exercise For A Strong And Sexy Midsection

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NBC Chief Meteorologist and USA Indoor and Outdoor Masters Track & Field Champion Paul Ossmann performing a braced squat at the David Buer Fitness Studio in Atlanta.

The Braced Squat

The Braced Squat is a great exercise to consider incorporating into your current workout routine for enhancing core development, total body strength, stability and performance in athletic activities.

How to Do It

1. With your feet shoulder-width apart, hold a plate or dumbbell in front of your body at shoulder height with your arms outstretched.

2. Keeping your arms straight, squat to parallel position. Hold the position for 3-5 seconds.

3. Return to the starting position by pressing through your heels. Make sure that the only changes in your center of gravity come from the lowering and raising of your body, not any backward or forward movement. Perform 1 to 3 sets of 10 to 15 reps, with 30- 60 seconds of rest between sets.

Tip from the Expert
Keep your core tight to help maintain proper position and execution. Inhale at the top of the movement prior to descending into squat hold position and then exhaling powerfully on your way back up to start position.