Some Brands Took to Twitter With Some Bad Ideas

I've had some really bad ideas in my life...

1) Giving my wife an honest opinion when she asked me, "How do I look?"

2) Heating up a jar of hot fudge in the microwave and then sticking my finger into the jar to see if it was hot enough. The answer is that it was hot, as hot as lava.

3) Drying my wet bathing suit on my parent's wood dining room table. This was bad because of course it ruined the table, but more importantly it's a constant reminder of my 32 inch waist line, of blessed memory.

We all have bad ideas and like all great researchers, if you want to uncover something, you turn to Twitter.

And that is why @HashtagManiacs decided to challenge the world to share their bad idea using only 5 words. Thus the hashtag #BadIdeaIn5Words was born!

(@HashtagManiacs is part of @HashtagRoundup, run by @KeshaTedder wsg @CzexanCzich and @SaraMansford)

Some #BadIdeaIn5Words tweets for your enjoyment!

Eating something from a stranger... bad idea!

I can't get enough of this GIF

Wildlife should be admired, but from a distance

Beware of dogs that love donuts

Viva Las Chickens!

DO NOT hide the Tootsie Pops

Don't accidentally not eat meat

Profread your work (see what I did there)

Certain plot points might feel like a good idea at the time but aren't

Capes. Why do people still insist on capes?

Keep your nudes to yourself!

Watch how you swipe

I'm not a sports guy but I'm guessing Stephen Curry is awesome

Do you have your own 5 word bad idea? Tweet it or share it in the comments below!

Jeff Dwoskin is a professional comedian, avid tweeter, social media guru, and co-founder of Hashtag Roundup